Triumph Over Sinister US/Israeli Plot to Destabilize Iran

Triumph Over Sinister US/Israeli Plot to Destabilize Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Previous articles discussed days of foreign-orchestrated violence in Iran – US and Israeli dirty hands all over them, a scheme to destabilize the government ahead of efforts to forcefully topple it.

It’s been the Ziofascist aim for decades, wanting pro-Western tyranny replacing the Islamic Republic, Israel’s main regional rival eliminated.

The latest scheme failed, new tactics likely to surface ahead, war plans perhaps to be implemented at a later date.

The Trump and Netanyahu regimes are hellbent to eliminate Iranian sovereign independence. A tactical defeat won’t stop them.

For now, conditions are stable. Pro-government supporters took to the streets en masse for five straight days, their numbers dwarfing protesters days earlier.

On Sunday, an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) statement thanked Iranian police, intelligence officials, and tens of thousands of people for defeating elements wanting the country destabilized.

The IRGC blamed Washington, Israel, the Saudis, Britain and others for plotting against Iranian sovereignty.

“(T)his great epic shows that the glory of the Iranian nation is eternal and its enemies cannot make them give up its ambitions,” the statement stressed.

On Sunday, Iranian MP Jalal Mirzaei issued a statement, saying:

“During the consultative meeting of today, the interior minister, intelligence minister and commander of police presented separate accounts of recent riots in the country with details on the roots and causes of the unrest, the latest status of the detainees, and the role of foreigners in creating and tapping the recent events,” adding:

“(I)t was emphasized that foreign agents, especially US, played a key role in the formation and exploitation of these unrests in the country, but with the efforts of the authorities and awareness of the Iranian people they failed to harness anything.”

Iranian police spokesman Saeed Montazer-al-Mahdi said most elements responsible for days of violence were arrested and remain detained – to be prosecuted for their offenses, explaining:

“The people and protesters who had rightful demands were separated in the minimum time possible from the organizers and those directing (violence, responsible parties) identified and arrested.”

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani blasted Washington’s “dishonest, duplicitous and divisive policy towards Muslim countries,” urging Muslims worldwide to unite against its destructive agenda.

Expect lots more US/Israeli dirty tricks ahead. Iran, North Korea and Venezuela remain the Trump administration’s prime targets for regime change – Russia and China to follow at a later time.

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