Horrific Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Horrific Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

by Stephen Lendman

Gazans are a forgotten people, suffocating under illegal Israeli blockade for over 10 years – solely for political reasons, not security as falsely claimed, the world community largely in cahoots with Washington and Tel Aviv, failing to responsibly end a high crime against humanity.

The international community has done pathetically little to end the suffering of two million beleaguered people – victims of Israeli slow-motion genocide, a high crime gone unpunished, including three preemptive wars of aggression, inflicting mass casualties and destruction.

Israeli soldiers shoot Gazan children for target practice, target farmers in their fields and fishermen at sea – their actions unrelated to security, everything to with ruthless persecution.

Washington supports and encourages Israeli high crimes, both countries partnering in their imperial adventurism.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, Israeli soldiers lethally shot 16-year-old Amir Abed Abu Masa’ad on Thursday, seriously wounding two others, near the central Gaza border fence, another 16-year-old Palestinian murdered in the West Bank on the same day.

These type incidents repeat with disturbing regularity. In his new book, titled “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,” Norman Finkelstein said his work examined the plight of beleaguered Gazans “like a coroner’s inquest,” explaining facts about what’s gone objectively along with “moral indignation.”

His book is “a story of martyrdom” of an entrapped people, explaining their “human suffering,” his anger and moral outrage spilling out on the pages of what he recounted “about this godforsaken place.”

It’s no exaggeration calling Gaza an open-air prison, my characterization numerous times in previous writing about the Strip.

Israel didn’t disengage from Gaza as falsely claimed. It “redeployed” on the Strip’s periphery, relocating Israeli settlers to West Bank areas in preparation for brutalizing its Palestinian residents, no Jews in harm’s way during terror-bombings and cross-border incursions.

Gazans endure horrific occupation harshness, far worse than West Bank and East Jerusalem Palestinians. When Israel attacks the Strip, they have no place to hide, no havens safe from its aggression.

Finkelstein: “(V)irtually all the incidents between Israel and Gaza were initiated by Israel, and it’s well documented” – Gazans falsely blamed for its lawlessness.

Israel is the aggressor, Gazans and other Palestinians the victims. The peace process is a colossal hoax.

Israel won’t ever accept Palestinian statehood – except in name only on isolated bantustans surrounded by hostile, encroaching settlements.

Compromise is out of the question. Palestinians are to be exploited, brutalized like enemies, denied their fundamental rights, ethnically cleansed from their privately owned land, and exterminated at Israel’s discretion.

Western governments and media largely turn a blind eye to what’s going on, Palestinian suffering of no consequence in Gaza or elsewhere in the Territories.

Negotiating with Washington and Israel is an exercise in futility. Regimes running both countries at all times don’t give a hoot about Palestinian rights.

They’ve suffered for over 100 years post-Balfour. Nothing in prospect suggests relief, committed resistance against a brutal occupier their only option.

There is no Plan B.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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