Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Ukraine and North Korea

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Ukraine and North Korea

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Restoring peace and stability to the country has miles to go. Commenting on the foiled terrorist attack on Russia’s Syrian bases using multiple drones, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) asked the following questions:

“Where did the terrorists get these fundamentally new means of conducting military operations?”

“(W)hy did they appear right now, when anyone, even an uninitiated onlooker, can see that Syria shows signs of stabilization, and favorable conditions are being created for achieving a political settlement and restoring peaceful life in that country?”

“Is it because such a turn of events, the most important role in which is being played by Russia, does not sit well with certain influential forces?”

I discussed the drone attacks in previous articles, sophisticated ones used, provided by foreign sources, Washington the most likely suspect – wanting endless war and regime change, aiming to undermine conflict resolution efforts spearheaded by Russia.

MZ: “Russia continues its efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the Syrians. The Russian military regularly deliver food and medicines to the worst off areas of Syria.”

America, other Western countries and the UN supply nothing, except to terrorist controlled areas – for their use, not Syrian civilians in dire need.

Months of US terror-bombing raped and destroyed Raqqa, massacring countless thousands of Syrian civilians.

MZ: “The humanitarian situation in Raqqa remains extremely difficult, continuing to give rise to serious concerns. Large parts of the city are still mined, and there is a huge quantity of unexploded ordnance.”

Most of the city was reduced to rubble, over 80% of its structures destroyed or damaged. Countless numbers of bodies remain buried in the ruins.

“The city faces a serious threat of epidemics,” MZ explained. “Relevant UN bodies (haven’t) assess(ed) the situation there. Conditions have not been put in place for civilians to return to the city.”

“The reason for this situation is obvious. It is the indiscriminate use of force by the so-called US-led international coalition” – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington and its rogue allies support.

Western media ignore the devastation and dire conditions – supporting imperial aggression, not responsibly condemning it.

MZ commented on unacceptable remarks by US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield – calling them “offensive,” including his claim that Washington doesn’t understand Russia’s longterm strategy in Syria.

Fact: Putin and Trump discussed it in person and by phone several times. So have Lavrov and Tillerson.

Fact: There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s aims. Throughout the war, it’s gone all-out to restore peace and stability to the country, including by defeating the US-supported terrorist scourge.

MZ holds weekly press briefings, including regular updates on conditions in Syria.

“We focus extensively on Russia’s long-term strategy in Syria,” MZ explained, adding:

“The US State Department could have already introduced its high-ranking official to our statements, briefings, and transcripts of remarks made by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.”

“The Presidential Executive Office, primarily President Vladimir Putin, the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry talk daily about the steps that Russia is taking to resolve the situation in Syria and achieve the long-term restoration of Syrian statehood.”

“How is that unclear? It can be unclear only to those who have no interest in this subject whatsoever. We could not have anticipated such incompetence in an Acting (US) Assistant Secretary of State.”

Arrogance and support for US imperial aggression best describe Satterfield’s unacceptable remarks and hostility toward Russia.

He also rejects Russia’s upcoming National Dialogue Congress in Sochi – another important initiative to restore peace and stability to the country.

He supports the flawed Geneva process, manipulated to continue conflict, not resolve it – US and Saudi Arabian dirty hands manipulating what’s gone on.

The situation in Ukraine is dismal. US-supported regime war on Donbass continues.

In his holiday season address to the nation, US-installed president Poroshenko wished Donbass residents peace in the new year – while his forces continue shelling its residential areas, killing civilians.

MZ added more saying “declarations by scandalous Ukrainian historians” tried rewriting history – suggesting the country’s earlier period as a USSR republic should be called a “Soviet occupation.”

MZ asked why this during the holiday season? Where does this maniacal passion come from to ruin a few days off, both for themselves and for the people who have been living through hard times for years,” – repressed by US-installed fascist governance?

“The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry showed a very original way of caring for its compatriots by warning them that a trip to Russia for the New Year holidays could become a ‘one-way ticket,” intimidating them not to go, MZ explained, adding:

“What was going on in the media and public spaces of Ukraine regarding Russia during th(e) holidays (was absolutely) absurd.”

“They managed to politicize even the New Year and Christmas holidays by filling the festivities with Russophobic propaganda.”

Weeks earlier, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland announced an upcoming meeting in Vancouver – Canada and Washington co-hosting it, US dirty hands controlling it.

Countries invited include rogue allies involved Harry Truman’s naked aggression on North Korea – discussion to focus on the country.

MZ called the upcoming meeting “a relapse (to) Cold War mentality, which is especially inappropriate against the backdrop of recent signs of movement towards dialogue between the North and South of the Korean Peninsula.”

The meeting’s objective is to undermine responsible dialogue, continuing brinkmanship on the peninsula by claiming a nonexistent DPRK threat.

Washington, Canada and others attending intend sending the wrong message. The region’s only threat is headquartered in Washington, not Pyongyang.

“We do not consider it possible to support an event that could aggravate the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula,” MZ stressed.

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