US/Israeli War on Palestinians

US/Israeli War on Palestinians

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Palestinians are isolated geopolitically, without allies in Washington, Tel Aviv and the world community.

Trump, bipartisan members of Congress and Israeli ruling authorities want Palestinians subjugated under forever militarized occupation harshness, not liberated, not granted self-determination – denied their fundamental rights forever.

No more US aid unless they agree to subjugation under Israeli rule, relinquishing any chance for positive change, Trump thundered in Davos, my take on his contemptible comments.

Together with Netanyahu in Davos at the annual billionaire’s ball for the world’s rich and powerful, here’s what they both said:

Trump: “The US is pretty much out in the wilderness” in the UN. (W)e heard every country was going to be against us.”

“(W)e give billions and billions of dollars to these countries. It amounts to hundreds of millions, and sometimes into the billions for certain countries, and they vote against us. And I made a very simple statement: that I’m watching. I’m watching.”

Fact: Washington dominates the world body, including its secretary general – except in the Security Council where Russia and China can check it’s reckless proposals, not its imperial agenda pursued extrajudicially.

Netanyahu: “(R)ecogniz(ing) Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and (moving America’s embassy to the city) is a historic decision that will be forever etched in the hearts of our people for generations to come.”

“People say that this pushes peace backward. I say it pushes peace forward, because it recognizes history. It recognizes the present reality. And peace can only be built on the basis of truth.”

Fact: Truth is polar opposite his disgraceful remarks. The so-called peace process has always been a colossal hoax. Israel and Washington reject conflict resolution. Trump’s Jerusalem declaration killed it.

Trump: “(W)e give billions of dollars away every year to countries, and in many cases those countries don’t even support us.”

Fact: Washington gives away nothing. It bribes countries to support its imperial agenda. It provides military aid for mass slaughter and destruction, nothing for peacemaking and social justice.

Trump: “And when they disrespected us a week ago by not allowing (Pence) to see them, and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and support, tremendous numbers, numbers that nobody understands, that money is on the table and that money is not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace.”

“…I can tell you that Israel does want to make peace, and they’re going to have to want to make peace too, or we’re going to have nothing to do with it any longer.”

Fact: Trump’s lawless Jerusalem declaration made him, Pence and other administration officials persona non grata in Occupied Palestine.

Fact: Money Washington provides Palestinians is for enforcing occupation harshness. Nothing goes for improving the lives and welfare of Palestinians.

Fact: Israel and Washington deplore peace and stability. Their rogue agendas speak for themselves.

Trump: “We took Jerusalem off the table, so we don’t have to talk about it anymore. They never got past Jerusalem.”

Fact: His action destroyed any hope for conflict resolution. East Jerusalem as a future Palestinian capital is fundamental, nonnegotiable.

Trump: “We have a proposal for peace. It’s a great proposal for the Palestinians. I think it’s a very good proposal for Israel.”

“So we’ll see what happens with the peace process, but respect has to be shown to the US or we’re just not going any further.”

Fact: Trump’s proposal is about subjugation, endless militarized occupation harshness, not liberation.

Fact: Peace is anathema to Washington and Israel. Respect isn’t given. It has to be earned, something Trump doesn’t understand or care about.

Netanyahu: “We also support you completely in your stalwart position on the Iran nuclear deal. You’ve said it’s a disastrous deal.”

“You said that if its fatal flaws are not fixed, you should walk away from it. And I want you to know that if you decide to do that, then we will back you all the way.”

“We also appreciate the fact that you confront Iran’s aggression, with us and with other parties in the region as never before.”

“I’ve never seen the holistic alliance between the United States, Israel and your other allies in the region, as strong, as unified, as it is under your leadership.”

“(Y)ou’ve stood up for Israel at the UN in a remarkable way, rock-solid support. This is…a house of slander against Israel and against the United States.”

Fact: The JCPOA nuclear deal is an international agreement, unanimously approved by Security Council members, including America, making it international law.

Fact: Abandoning it by any of its signatories would constitute a lawless act. Flaws Trump cited are in his own mind and imperial agenda, not in JCPOA principles.

Fact: Washington and Israel are ruthless aggressors, Iran a peace champion.

Fact: Trump and Netanyahu are war criminals, outlaws belonging in prison, not high office.

Fact: On rare occasions when the UN acts responsibly, explaining truths about ruthless Israeli policies, Trump and Netanyahu vilify it for doing the right thing.

Separately, Netanyahu contemptuously vowed to maintain Israeli control over East Jerusalem’s holy sites.

Claiming Abbas “refuses to negotiate” ignores a no-peace/peace process denying Palestinians their fundamental rights, including self-determination.

Saying they’re “pampered by the international community” is polar opposite cold hard reality.

Palestinian ambassador in Washington Husam Zomlot accused Trump of “backstabbing” the Palestinian people, adding:

“You didn’t take Jerusalem off the table. You took away the whole table. No Palestinian will sit at it.”

Fundamental Palestinian rights have been denied for over 100 years. Under Trump, things went from horrific to potentially disastrous.

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