Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Yemen, Israel/Palestine and Afghanistan

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Yemen, Israel/Palestine and Afghanistan

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

At her weekly press briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained “Syria is at a crossroads.”

Russian airpower played a vital role in eliminating most US-supported ISIS fighters in the country. They’re down but not out, their ranks easily replaced at the Pentagon’s discretion.

It’s actively involved in recruiting and training other terrorist fighters, part of America’s endless war in the country.

MZ: “A solid foundation for these processes exists in the form of de-escalation zones, established with the support of the Astana format.”

“They make it possible to take practical steps towards improving the humanitarian situation, restoring damaged infrastructure and implementing measures to facilitate the voluntary return of refugees and temporarily displaced persons.”

“Our efforts are designed to bring about peace and stability in Syria without delay, put its economy back on track and enable refugees to return to their homes. We hope that all those sincerely interested in seeing an end to the armed conflict will encourage the Syrians to voice constructive positions during this unique intra-Syrian event.”

MZ, Putin and Lavrov know war won’t end as long as Washington, Israel, and their rogue allies want it continued.

Geneva, Astana and Sochi talks can’t trump their agenda. MZ was blunt saying Washington’s agenda “is at odds with the international law and does nothing to promote the peaceful settlement of domestic issues in the country…”

Its strategy “aim(s) to dismember the country.” It’s “unacceptable to turn Syria into a stage for confrontation between external forces pursuing their own interests. The people of Syria themselves must determine the future of their country.”

Russia is monitoring conditions in Yemen. Fighting continues with no end of it in sight. Humanitarian conditions are catastrophic.

MZ: “Moscow would eagerly welcome this scenario as matching our principled viewpoint that it is up to the Yemenis themselves to determine the future of their own state and achieve national harmony on the subsequent reconstruction of Yemen with due regard for the opinions if all key Yemeni political forces.”

Washington and Riyadh want naked aggression continued, the human toll of no consequence.

Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, in cahoots with Netanyahu, drove a stake through the heart of the peace process. It made US officials persona non grata in Occupied Palestine.

Russia supports a “two-state formula for a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement stipulating the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with the capital in East Jerusalem and its coexistence with Israel in peace and security,” said MZ.

Washington and Israel reject what conflicts with their imperial interests. They insist Palestinians surrender to their demands, wanting them subjugated, oppressed by occupation harshness in perpetuity.

US war on Afghanistan continues endlessly, perhaps for another 16 years, maybe millions more Afghans perishing from war, related violence, untreated diseases and starvation.

MZ: “…Washington does not prioritize intra-Afghan dialogue but continues to stake on military force instead” – its favored strategy.

North Korea, Iran, China and Russia are on its target list, wanting US-controlled puppet regimes replacing their sovereign independent governments.

America’s rage for dominance is humanity’s greatest threat – catastrophic nuclear war an ominous possibility.

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