The NYT Reinvents Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis

The NYT Reinterprets Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Strip isn’t “nearing total collapse,” as the Times reported, citing UN officials.

It collapsed long ago from over 10 years of illegal Israeli suffocating blockade – exacerbated by its three wars of aggression since December 2008, the Times blaming Hamas for Israeli high crimes committed against two million Gazans, saying:

“(T)hree times (Hamas went) to war with Israel in hopes of generating international sympathy and relief in the aftermath.”

Fact: “Three times,” Israel waged premeditated aggression on Gaza, massacring thousands of defenseless civilians, entire families slaughtered, residential areas, schools, hospitals, even a UN shelter heavily damaged or destroyed.

The Times: “At the heart of the crisis – and its most immediate cause – is a crushing financial squeeze, the result of a tense standoff between Hamas, the militant Islamist group that rules Gaza, and Fatah, the secular party entrenched on the West Bank. Fatah controls the Palestinian Authority but was driven out of Gaza by Hamas in 2007.”

Fact: Israeli blockade and naked aggression caused devastating humanitarian crisis conditions – supported by Abbas and other corrupt PA officials, collaborating with Israel, providing enforcer services against their own people.

Fact: Hamas was elected Palestine’s legitimate government in January 2006. Its officials have been persecuted, imprisoned and assassinated by Israel, Abbas and his cronies willing conspirators against them and beleaguered Gazans.

Intolerable Strip conditions were caused by chronic power shortages, the PA withholding salaries from Gazan public employees, inadequate food, medicines and other essentials to life, Israeli cross-border attacks and aggression at its discretion, along with falsely designating Hamas a terrorist group for resisting occupation harshness.

The Times blames persecuted Gazans for their misery, ignoring Israeli high crimes.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum blasted Abbas, saying he’s “punish(ing) all of us, not only Hamas.”

The Times: Israel “sought to protect itself by cordoning off the strip.”

It imposed militarized blockade solely for political reasons, not security, collectively punishing Gazans for not surrendering to Israeli repressive rule.

General Yehuda Fox head’s the IDF’s Gaza division. The Times failed to refute his Big Lie, saying “(t)hree times in the past 10 years they’ve chosen war (meaning Hamas). They wasted many lives and a lot of money and destroyed Gaza. And they can try to do it a fourth time.”

Fact: “Three times” in the past nine years, Israeli waged premeditated naked aggression on the Strip, committing horrendous high crimes of war and against humanity.

In earlier articles, I wrote in detail about Israeli horrors inflicted in defenseless Gazans, including virtually incarcerating them under open-air prison conditions, denying them all rights.

The Times and other media scoundrels ignore the horrors, supporting Israeli high crimes the way they back US ones.

More war is likely, perhaps more devastating than earlier ones, Hamas and Gazans again blamed for Israeli crimes against them.

International community silence reflects complicity with Israel’s criminal enterprise.

Gaza is in a state of collapse – world leaders letting crisis conditions deepen for failing to intervene responsibly against ruthless Israeli collective punishment.

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