Trump’s No Peace/Peace Plan

Trump’s No Peace/Peace Plan

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s a work in progress on the longstanding Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Its details haven’t been revealed. What’s known is that Trump’s “deal of the century” one-sidedly favors Israel like numerous earlier failed plans.

It assures continued occupation harshness, Jerusalem as Israel’s exclusive capital, diaspora Palestinians denied their legal right of return, statehood the way it should be off-the-table, Israel maintaining militarized control over historic Palestine, no end to Gaza’s siege, along with continued violence and chaos because Washington and Israel reject peace and stability.

The US mission to the UN turned truth on its head, calling Nikki Haley “a champion for human rights…challenging human rights violators across the globe.”

She’s one of many neocon extremists infesting the Trump administration, supporting its wars of aggression in multiple theaters and disdain for human rights in representing Washington at the UN.

She’s an embarrassment to the office she holds – extremist, ruthless, stupid, insufferable, arrogant, a cheerleader for US high crimes.

At the University of Chicago this week, she discussed Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea and Israel/Palestine.

All her remarks make painful listening – clear evidence showing she’s unqualified for any public position, for sure not the one she holds.

She recited her usual litany of Big Lies. “The history of the United States at the United Nations is a mixture of idealism and realism. The UN was created by both impulses,” she roared.

The world body was established to represent US and other Western interests, exploiting other nations, failing to fulfill its Charter principles from inception.

Haley repeated the Big Lie, claiming Russian interference in US electoral politics, calling what never happened “a new kind of warfare,” adding: “I have never had a problem beating up on Russia.”

She lied saying “safety and security for the American people is the president’s top priority.”

She lied saying America is “a country of laws” to be obeyed.

She lied claiming “in foreign relations, I have seen true evil, and it is not in the American political system,” – pointing fingers at Russia, Syria, Iran and North Korea instead.

She said Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt are close to finishing their work on Trump’s Israeli/Palestinian peace plan, claiming neither side will love it.

Trump’s lawless Jerusalem declaration alone disqualified his administration as a legitimate peace broker.

It never was earlier, for sure not now. His “deal of the century” will be dead-on-arrival like all earlier plans, one-sidedly favoring Israel.

Hamas spokesman Abu Zuhri denounced it in advance, saying (t)he Palestinian people reject the plan and won’t allow it to pass” – calling it a “conspiracy designed to eliminate the Palestinian cause and national rights.”

Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan called Trump’s policy on Israel/Palestine “hallucinations from a madman.”

During a Friday Al-Aqsa Mosque sermon, Sheikh Mohammed Salim said Trump’s so-called peace plan will have “severe repercussions” for Palestinians, ignoring their history, culture, traditions and fundamental rights.

On Thursday, senior PA advisor Nabil Shaath said Trump’s plan is doomed because of one-sided bias toward Israel.

PLO executive committee member Hanan Ashwari earlier said Palestinians “are the only people on earth asked to guarantee the security of our occupier…while Israel is the only country that calls for defense from its victims.”

In a related quote, she said Israel’s “concept (of) security…obligate(s) Palestinians to deliver (it for them) while (it) delivers death and destruction with impunity to” them in return.

Haley and likeminded bipartisan extremists infesting Washington represent humanity’s greatest threat.

Israel has carte blanche to terrorize Palestinians and attack neighboring states with impunity.

America operates the same way globally – at home and abroad, its agenda risking catastrophic nuclear war against one or more countries, a threat to everyone everywhere.

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