Putin’s State of the Nation Address

Putin’s State of the Nation Address

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Unlike Western politicians, especially US ones, Putin says what he means and means what he says.

He’s refreshingly straightforward. If America had leadership like his with congressional and judicial support, it would wage peace, not war.

Independent nations would have allies in Washington, not enemies plotting regime change.

On March 1, Putin called his annual State of the Nation address, a tour de force like all his important address, a “landmark” event, announcing steps to determine Russia’s destiny for decades ahead, explaining key domestic and geopolitical priorities.

Tass summarized them as follows:

• establishing a continuous missile early warning system radar field

• instant retaliation against any nuclear attack on Russia or its allies

• new hypersonic and other state-of-the-art weapons developed

• failure of the West’s arms race agenda

• creation of nuclear-powered missiles able to penetrate missile defenses

• testing launched to develop a new generation of ICBMs called Sarmat – more on this below

• America’s global missile system broke the strategic balance

• rapid headway being made in developing new strategic weapons

• efforts to make Russia’s economy grow faster than the global average

• the main threat to Russia’s sovereignty is technological inferiority and dependence on other nations

• democratic Russia remains proudly independent

• the importance of public well-being, all Russian citizens benefitting from economic growth

• a proposed a national program to fight cancer, Putin saying:

“Almost all of us have relatives or friends who were affected by this misfortune – cancer. I suggest implementing a special national program to fight cancer, with the active involvement of science, the national pharmaceutical industry in addressing this challenge, modernizing oncological centers, building a modern comprehensive system ranging from correct diagnosis to timely and effective treatment, which will make it possible to protect people.”

He prioritized the importance of national defense in a hugely unsafe world, saying:

“We are greatly concerned by some parts of (Washington’s) new nuclear posture, which reduces the benchmark for the use of nuclear weapons.”

“Whatever soothing words one may try to use behind closed doors, we can read what was written. And it says that these weapons can be used in response to a conventional attack or even a cyber-threat.”

“Our nuclear doctrine says Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons only in response to a nuclear attack or an attack with other weapons of mass destruction against her or her allies, or a conventional attack against us that threatens the very existence of the state.”

“It is my duty to state this: Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies, be it small-scale, medium-scale or any other scale, will be treated as a nuclear attack on our country.”

“The response will be instant and with all the relevant consequences.”

The main responsibility of any leader is protecting the nation’s security from potential foreign threats.

Washington rage for war and regime change, targeting all sovereign independent countries like Russia, creates an urgency for Putin to protect the nation from possible US aggression.

At the same time, he stressed the importance of adhering to international agreements in developing Russia’s defense capability.

It’s polar opposite how Washington operates, agreeing to international treaties and conventions, then systematically breaching them.

Russia’s agenda under Putin is world’s apart from US-dominated NATO. He staunchly supports world peace and stability, mutual cooperation among all nations, and multi-world polarity.

He deplores war, wanting conflicts in Syria and Ukraine resolved diplomatically. But his address clearly explained Russia has sophisticated super-weapons.

He wants the world balance of power restored to avoid catastrophic nuclear war. Russia’s weapons are solely for defense, not offense. If the nation is attacked, it’s able to defend the homeland with powerful weapons the West lacks – hopefully never needing to use them.

A Final Comment

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov called the Sarmat heavy missile “a unique (200 ton) weapon” Washington lacks. It can successfully breach ABM defenses.

Its powerful propellant enables it to fly through the North and South Poles. It can carry multiple “maneuvering (nuclear) warheads,” including with hypersonic capabilities.

It’s expected to be operational by late 2018.

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