Trump Collusion with Russia?

Trump Collusion with Russia?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Not shred of credible evidence suggests it – nothing despite months of investigation and millions of dollars spent, trying to link him and/or his team to Russia.

I’ll repeat what I’ve said many times. Russiagate witch-hunt investigations are a colossal hoax, a scheme to invent illegal or improper behavior – aiming to remove Trump from office, a thinly veiled coup d’etat attempt.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley put it this way:

“After more than a year of intensive investigation by both the special counsel and multiple congressional committees, there is no direct evidence of Trump colluding with Russians.”

“After roughly 100 criminal counts against 19 defendants and five plea deals with cooperating witnesses, there is no direct evidence.”

“After dozens of pages of ‘speaking indictments’ by Robert Mueller (claiming) Russian operatives tr(ied) to influence the election and false statements from former Trump aides, there is no direct evidence.”

There’s nothing because there’s nothing to find. “It takes willful blindness not to acknowledge either the lack of direct evidence of collusion or the implausibility of many of the theories abounding on cable news programs,” Turley added.

Clear evidence of extensive Russiagate FISA abuses exists – FISA court warrants gotten solely  because of fabricated claims in Christopher Steele’s doggy dossier, financed by Hillary and the DNC.

Without it, they’d be no special counsel investigation – at most utterly weak and disreputable allegations of improper or illegal Trump dealings with Russia.

On Wednesday, he criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for failure to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate unjustifiably obtained FISA court warrants.

In requesting them, the FBI under former director James Comey failed to disclose Hillary and DNC funding of Steele’s dossier, a scheme to delegitimize Trump.

Separately by letter to AG Sessions, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes demanded a Justice Department investigation of FBI abuses, clear violations of its protocols, likely criminality under federal law, Nunes saying:

“(P)resentation of false and/or misleading unverified information to the (FISA court) could entail violations of the following criminal statutes:

• 18 USC 242

• 50 USC 1809

• conspiracy

• obstruction of justice

• contempt of court”

Obtaining FISA court warrants without credible justification clearly crosses the line to wrongdoing.

Nunes asked “what steps (have) the DOJ and FBI taken to hold accountable those officials who violated (FBI) protocols?”

He requested a DOJ response to the House Intelligence Committee no later than March 8.

Nunes deserves credit for exposing the Russiagate hoax. Will Trump’s Justice Department hold former and current high-level DOJ and FBI officials accountable for wrongdoing?

Not so far!

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