Netanyahu at AIPAC’s Annual Israel Lovefest

Netanyahu at AIPAC’s Annual Israel Lovefest

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

He’s a world class thug, facing possible indictment for fraud and breach of trust, his dark side ignored at AIPAC, attendees welcoming him rapturously.

Israel is a rogue terror state, nuclear armed and dangerous, threatening regional and world peace.

Netanyahu turned truth on its head claiming the Jewish state “help(s) make the world a better place.” The US, NATO, Israeli alliance is humanity’s greatest threat.

“(I)n the last few years Israel’s incredible intelligence services have foiled dozens, dozens of major terrorist attacks across the world in dozens of countries,” Netanyahu roared.”

Fact: Israel and America are responsible for countless numbers of terrorist incidents regionally and worldwide – along with partnering in numerous wars of aggression against Gaza, Syria and elsewhere.

Netanyahu mostly uses prominent public appearances to vilify Iran – red meat for extremist AIPAC attendees.

“…I have a message for you today. It’s a very simple one. We must stop Iran. We will stop Iran,” Netanyahu roared – followed by thunderous applause.

Israel along with America’s presence and Saudi pure evil turned the Middle East into a charnel house.

Iran hasn’t attacked another countries in centuries, threatening none now. It’s vilified by Israel and Washington for its sovereign independence, its opposition to imperial wars – its existence standing in the way of unchallenged US/Israeli regional dominance.

Like US and other Western leaders, Netanyahu is a serial liar. Like many times before, he turned truth on its head, calling the Iran nuclear deal “a threat to the survival of Israel, the security of the region, the peace of the world.”

Claiming the JCPOA “gives Iran a clear path towards developing a nuclear arsenal” is a bald-faced lie. Just the opposite is true.

“I warned that by removing Iran’s sanctions (Tehran) would not become more moderate and peaceful but more extreme and belligerent, much more dangerous” was another disgraceful perversion of truth.

“…Iran is seeking to build permanent military bases in Syria…in addition to moving its… air force, its navy to Syria, to be able to attack Israel from a closer hand. It’s also seeking to develop, to build, precision guided missile factories in Syria, Lebanon, against Israel.”

False! All of the above was willful deception, typical Netanyahu antics, extremist AIPAC attendees loving it.

No Iranian “aggression” exists anywhere. Israeli aggression terrorizes Palestinians daily along with Syria.

“Israel is committed to achieving peace with all our neighbors, including Palestinians,” Netanyahu trumpeted – another bald-faced lie.

Israel abhors peace and stability. Its hostile agenda speaks for itself, no ambiguity about it – supported by AIPAC, making the organization complicit with its high crimes.

Netanyahu is the latest in a long line of rogue Israeli leaders – representing a nation hostile to core principles all just societies cherish.

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