New Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Law

New Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Law

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), dominant Knesset hardliners are waging an anti-democratic crusade.

Harsh laws and rhetoric continue targeting “human rights organizations, political groups, and minorities…a rising tide of assaults on” fundamental democratic freedoms, including “freedom of expression, human dignity and equality…freedom of assembly…protest” and much more, ACRI explained.

A newly enacted law lets the interior minister revoke the permanent residency status of East Jerusalem residents.

It targets Palestinians – the measure part of Israel’s intention to entirely Judaize the city, ethnically cleansing unwanted Arabs.

Anyone Israel claims has ties to groups it calls terrorists, individuals convicted of “terrorism” or “breach of trust” can be stripped of their residency status and expelled from the city.

Israel considers legitimate Palestinian resistance against occupation harshness “incitement” or “terrorism” – its own state-terrorism called “self-defense.”

The new law appears a way for Israel to accelerate Judaization of Jerusalem. Any Palestinian can be falsely designated a threat to the state, displaced from the city, perhaps arrested and imprisoned.

Charges of terrorism could follow an incident like Ahed Tamimi slapping an Israeli soldier in response to being slapped. She faces multiple counts of assault and incitement, maybe terrorism charges to be added later.

Under Israeli law, Palestinian altercations with Israeli soldiers can be called terrorist offenses – even legitimate self-defense.

Hardline MKs enacted the new measure after High Court justices ruled against revoking the Jerusalem residency status of four Palestinian legislators linked to Hamas, falsely called a terrorist group.

The new law applies to East Jerusalem Palestinians and Golan permanent residents, a discriminatory, unacceptable measure no just societies would tolerate.

These type laws are standard practice in Israel, targeting Palestinians ruthlessly for not being Jewish.

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