Nikki Haley Addresses AIPAC

Nikki Haley Addresses AIPAC

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Haley at AIPAC represents Washington’s sinister alliance with Israel against world peace, stability and security.

She’s blind to the danger of Washington’s imperial agenda. She gives diplomacy a bad name, geopolitically ignorant, supporting US and Israeli high crimes, blaming them on others – disgracefully given a world stage to spread her venom.

Last year at AIPAC, she shamefully called rogue state Israel “the only true democracy in the Middle East” – ignoring its ruthless apartheid and regional belligerence.

This year she explained knowing nothing about the UN when asked by Trump to serve as administration envoy to the world body.

She’s as ignorant now as earlier, a geopolitical know-nothing, a neocon extremist, unfit for any public office.

She denounced Security Council Resolution 2334, adopted in December 2016 – affirming the illegality of Israeli settlements.

“On my first day (as US envoy) I assured the Israeli ambassador that on my watch that would never happen again,” Haley thundered.”

An extremist attendee shouted: “We love you, Nikki.”

Claiming she’s intolerant of bullying flies in the face of her one-sided support for Israel, it apartheid viciousness, its naked aggression against Gaza, Syria, and other regional countries earlier.

“At the UN…Israel…gets bullied,” said Haley, adding “that just doesn’t sit well with me.”

It’s occasionally criticized, not nearly enough, not bullied – never held accountable for its high crimes, world body leadership turning a blind eye to them.

Haley: “…Jerusalem was, is, and will always be the capital of Israel.”

False! Jerusalem is an international city under a UN trusteeship, according to international law. Trump’s Jerusalem declaration flagrantly breached it.

Haley: “Some people accuse us of favoritism towards Israel. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with showing favoritism toward an ally. That’s what being an ally is all about.”

There’s plenty wrong when “favoritism” grievously harms others, when billions of dollars of annual US military aid to Israel goes for state terror and aggression, when nothing is done to stop daily persecution of millions of Palestinians, when nuclear armed Israel could unleash a regional holocaust at its discretion.

Haley concluded her address, claiming “AIPAC is all about…Americans…us(ing) the power of their voices for good causes.”

This remark and countless others like it reveal her profound ignorance and contempt for right over wrong!

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