US Threatens Escalated Military Action in Syria

US Threatens Escalated Military Action in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hawkish Trump administration officials are frantic over Syrian forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, making significant progress toward liberating East Ghouta.

It’s the last stronghold in the country controlled by US-supported terrorists, holding countless thousands of residents hostage as human shields since 2013 – brutalizing them, threatening anyone trying to leave with severe punishment, including death.

According to Syria’s Central Military Command, its troops surrounding the enclave are advancing from east and west positions – a pincer movement close to dividing the enclave in two parts, isolating terrorist groups more than already.

They’re in disarray close to collapse. Around 40% of East Ghoua is liberated, government forces advancing steadily.

According to AMN news, citing an unnamed Syrian military source, US-backed terrorists “desperately (seek) a safe escape (from the town of) al-Rayhan… completely overwhelmed by the Syrian Army.”

Its forces are steadily advancing toward heavily populated parts of East Ghouta, US-supported terrorists retreating.

Western propaganda reports falsely accused Syrian forces of using chemical weapons to aid their advance.

The same deception used before was followed by US terror-bombing of Syrian troops and their Shayrat airbase.

Reports suggest the Trump administration may repeat this tactic in East Ghouta to try stopping the rout of its terrorist foot soldiers.

It’s unstoppable short of full-scale US intervention against Syrian and allied forces – risking direct confrontation with Russia.

Claims of Syrian use of chlorine gas against civilians reflect willful deception – no different from earlier fabricated accusations.

Government and allied forces are going all-out to liberate civilians from terrorists’ control and atrocities. They and US-led terror-bombing are their only threats – Assad, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran their allies.

US-supported terrorists used CWs numerous times throughout the war, including in East Ghouta. Blaming Assad is a bald-faced lie.

Will the Trump administration use these incidents to escalate fighting more than ever, to try preventing East Ghouta’s liberation?

Propaganda wars precede and accompany hot ones. War in Syria continues raging because Washington and its rogue partners oppose ending it.

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