Boris Johnson: Britain’s Nikki Haley

Boris Johnson: Britain’s Nikki Haley

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both figures are embarrassments to the positions they hold, their views hostile to rule of law principles, fundamental human rights and world peace.

Haley is Washington’s undiplomatic UN envoy, Johnson UK foreign secretary. Both are right-wing extremists.

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone earlier called him “the most hardline right-wing ideologue since Thatcher…a fairly lazy tosser who just wants to be there” – referring to his time as London mayor.

Others accused him of racism, instability, elitism, cronyism, dishonesty, and laziness. Private Eye editor Ian Hislap called him Britain’s Berlusconi.

According to journalist Dave Hill, he’s “a unique figure in British politics, an unprecedented blend of comedian, conman, faux subversive showman and populist media confection.”

Biographer Sonia Purnell described his public persona as “brand Boris,” adding he’s “a manic self-promoter (with) a good deal of bravado…the most unconventional…politician of the post-Blair era.”

Former UK deputy PM Nick Clegg once said he’s “like Donald Trump with a thesaurus.”

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, Theresa May, Johnson and other UK officials welcomed Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), making an official visit to London.

They ignored the kingdom’s appalling human rights record, its support for ISIS and other terrorists in Syria and elsewhere regionally, its naked aggression in Yemen, responsible the world’s gravest humanitarian catastrophe.

Addressing MPs in parliament, May shamefully praised the kingdom, calling Britain’s “link…with Saudi Arabia…historic…an important one,” turning truth on its head claiming “it has saved the lives of potentially hundreds of people in this country” – challenged by opposition MPs chanting “Shame!”

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn accused May of providing military advisors to Riyadh, involved in “directing the war” in Yemen – naked aggression orchestrated in Washington, begun under Obama, escalated by Trump.

America and Britain are the kingdom’s largest arms suppliers. The Tory government is vying with Wall Street to have Saudi Aramco listed on the London stock exchange.

MBS’ three-day visit will include discussions with senior UK national security officials and a visit to Chequers, the prime minister’s country residence.

Former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas tweeted: “Isn’t it time we stop giving the red carpet treatment to despots and dictators?”

Campaign Against Arms Trade head Andrew Smith said “(t)he pictures of the crown prince on the steps of Downing Street will be projected around the world, and will be used by the regime to legitimize it on the world stage. Theresa May is handing a major propaganda coup to the dictatorship.”

“The crown prince has overseen the brutal repression and abuse of Saudi people, as well as terrible atrocities that have been carried out against the people of Yemen.”

Ahead of MBS’ arrival, thousands of Brits via online petitions called on May to cancel the visit.

Protesters rallied against MBS near parliament and Downing Street. Lib Dem leader Vince Cable condemned rolling out the red carpet for “a dictatorial head of a theocratic, medieval regime.”

Boris Johnson was unapologetic, defending Saudi aggression in Yemen, saying “we understand (MBS’) desire to protect his country, deplorably adding:

“It’s unacceptable that Iranian missiles are being used against Saudi Arabia and we wish to see an end to that.”

No evidence suggests Iran supplied Houthi fighters with missiles or other weapons.
Land, sea and air blockade prevents anything entering Yemen without Saudi permission.

In a London Times commentary, Johnson praised MBS instead of responsibly denouncing him and the regime he represents, saying:

“The worst response would be for Britain to criticize from the sidelines or shun the kingdom altogether” – ignoring its appalling atrocities at home and abroad.

Director of Human Rights for Yemen Kim Sharif called for his arrest in London and prosecution for war crimes.

According to Reprieve, “since MBS’ appointment as crown prince, the final death sentences of protesters, including a number who were children at the time, have been confirmed amid serious allegations of torture and an unprecedented number of executions,” adding:

“The close relationship Theresa May trumpets has led to British police officers training Saudi agents in the kind of cyber-monitoring techniques which have been used to justify death sentences.”

Washington, Britain and other Western countries maintain close ties to Riyadh – partnering in regional wars of aggression, profiting from lucrative arms sales.

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