Chavista Turncoat Running for President in Venezuela

Chavista Turncoat Running for President in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Former Chavista Lara State governor PSUV ruling party member Henri Falcon became anti-Bolivarian in 2010.

He later created the Progressive Advance party, allied with opposition coalition MUD fascists.

In January, he announced he’d challenge Nicolas Maduro in the April presidential election, pushed back until May – allied with the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party and Christian Democrats (COPEI).

MUD expelled him from its ranks, repudiating his decision to run for president the coalition is boycotting, knowing it can’t win.

The NYT is militantly anti-Bolivarian, supporting years of US destabilizing tactics and coup attempts to oust Chavez and Maduro.

It gave feature op-ed space to Falcon. “I am running for president because I think Venezuelans should have a choice of whether to continue with the disastrous rule of President Nicolas Maduro, or to support a route of inclusion, progress and justice,” he roared.

He ignored protracted US political and economic war on the country, wanting Bolivarian social democracy replaced by fascist tyranny.

Washington bears full responsibility for dire economic conditions in Venezuela. It’s democratically elected government isn’t a “regime.” Falcon used the same disgraceful pejorative as other anti-Chavistas.

He shamefully called the fascist opposition “right in denouncing the abuses of the government.”

Maduro hasn’t “persecuted opposition leaders,” hasn’t “banned political parties,” hasn’t “filled electoral institutions with…loyalists” to rig things in his favor.

Venezuela’s electoral process is the world’s best, unmatched anywhere in the hemisphere or elsewhere.

Falcon:”(W)e cannot…let Mr. Maduro get away with six more years in power. Choosing to fight under unfair rules does not legitimize the rules: it affirms our willingness to defend our rights.”

“And if the government decides to steal this election, it can count on finding me in the streets, by the sides of the brave Venezuelan people, fighting for our right to be respected.

Venezuelan elections are scrupulously open, free and fair, none stolen like in many other countries.

Bolivarian social democracy is too important to lose. Washington wants Venezuela colonized and exploited, its huge oil reserves looted.

Falcon: “I will continue to devote my efforts to convincing others to join our cause and help it grow into the avalanche of votes that will sweep Mr. Maduro out of power.”

Is the Trump administration backing his candidacy, providing funding and other material support?

Venezuela’s Political Sovereignty and National Self Determination Law prohibits foreign funding of political organizations.

Washington does it anyway through the undemocratic National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and USAID – serving its own interests at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Falcon disgracefully called Maduro “despotic.” The MUD opposition he allied with before expulsion for entering the presidential race supports tyranny over democratic governance.

He’s part of Venezuela’s problem, not the solution to US political and economic war on the country.

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