Russia too Menacing to Ignore?

Russia too Menacing to Ignore?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Like Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and other tyrannical regimes, America is its own worst enemy under Republicans and undemocratic Dems – not Russia or other nations it targets for regime change.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post is an embarrassment to legitimate journalism – absent in its editions, notably on geopolitical issues, especially anything on Russia, disinformation featured instead.

Putin is a preeminent world leader, no one in the West approaching his stature.

WaPo mocked his state of the nation address, explaining Russian super-weapons, putting the nation in a class by itself as the world’s sole super-power, Washington not daring to challenge it militarily.

WaPo: “Putin’s address included video mock-ups of new cruise missiles that were so hokey, they would embarrass a Hollywood studio.”

Pentagon commanders for sure have a different view. For the first time in the post-WW II era, US military strength was surpassed by another nation – one it shamefully considers its top threat, solely for its sovereign independence and opposition to Washington’s imperial agenda.

WaPo cited unnamed “analysts” discounting Russian super-weapons as “fanciful,” claiming its technologies are “well-known to US intelligence agencies.”

Maybe some, not Putin’s powerful surprises, Pentagon commanders likely scrambling on how to counter them.

When or if able, Russia will likely have still more advanced super-weapons, staying ahead of Washington militarily by using its resources effectively.

Spending a small fraction of America’s wasteful military budget, Russia proved able to get much more bang for the ruble than Washington – trillions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse comprising much of its so-called defense spending since at least the 1990s.

Mocking its impressive achievements doesn’t change reality on the ground.

Putin’s revelations weren’t intended to “frighten and intimidate,” as WaPo claimed – falsely saying “(t)he United States has vast military power to deter Russia, including new weapons systems that are at least a match for what Putin described.”

Like Israel, Washington proved it’s able to roll over vastly weaker nations – most often, not always.

Not in Vietnam, not in Afghanistan, not in Syria, the “super-power” not as super as it wants others to believe, nor Israel, Hezbollah humiliating the IDF in 2006.

Neither nation can roll over another able to give as much or more than what it takes, Russia most of all. If foolishly attacked by Washington, retaliation would be swift, devastating and overpowering.

At the same time, if nuclear war is waged, we’re all doomed, even with Russian super-weapons giving it big advantage.

WaPo sounded delusional, claiming “Putin’s speech was a plea for attention by a leader who sees himself avenging his nation’s humiliation after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Disgracefully calling him “a bully,” WaPo ignored his longstanding peace agenda, his opposition to US aggression the broadsheet disgracefully supports.

It turned truth on its head calling Ukraine “Putin’s laboratory,” ignoring its US-installed illegitimate putschist regime, waging war on its own people with US support and encouragement.

Pro-regime analyst Oleksandr Danylyuk was quoted turning truth on its head, saying “Russia is not preparing for war with the West. The war is already being actively conducted – on Russia’s terms.”

Besides combating US-supported terrorists in Syria, Russia wages peace, not endless wars of aggression like Washington and its rogue partners.

Their axis makes more enemies than friends. Their agenda jeopardizes everyone’s safety, security and survival.

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