US Building a New Terrorist Army in Syria

US Building a New Terrorist Army in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

It’s part of Washington’s regime change plans, its intention to occupy Syrian territory indefinitely, its agenda for regional dominance with Israel – its scheme for endless Middle East wars and chaos.

The Pentagon intends recruiting, funding, training and directing a new 60,000-strong terrorist force in Syria – falsely called “rebels.”

Virtually all so-called “rebels” in the country are cutthroat killers, mostly imported from scores of nations, including Western ones.

Syrian and allied forces along with Russian airpower killed tens of thousands of US-supported terrorists, decimating their ranks.

The Pentagon’s scheme amounts to replenishing and renaming them – their mission unchanged, pursuing regime change, committing atrocities against civilians, including use of chemical weapons falsely blamed on government forces.

Pentagon commanders claiming they’re building a “vetted Syrian opposition force” to fight ISIS is a bald-faced lie.

I’ve explained many times that Washington created and supports ISIS and other terrorist groups, supporting them with airpower, shifting them from one area to others as needed, rescuing their commanders when trapped by government forces, airlifting them elsewhere in the country or to another US war theater.

Claims about earlier recruited “rebel” fighters handing over their weapons to ISIS and other terrorists groups ignored their affiliation all along.

They’re not “rebels,” one of the many Big Lies about years of war in Syria – US-launched aggression. There’s nothing “civil” about what’s going on.

Washington unjustifiably justifies its hostile presence in Syria – war launched by Obama, escalated by Trump.

Russia’s good faith conflict resolution efforts haven’t succeeded because of US imperial aims, wanting Syrian sovereignty destroyed, Assad ousted, pro-Western puppet rule replacing his legitimate government.

That’s what the Pentagon’s new army is all about, assembling thousands of fresh cutthroat killers to continue endless war in Syria – terrorists pursuing Washington’s imperial agenda for conquest, plunder and dominance.

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