Assad Visits East Ghouta

Assad Visits East Ghouta

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The enclave controlled by US-supported terrorists since 2013 is now 80% liberated by Syrian and allied forces.

Remaining terrorists are confined to three isolated pockets. They have two choices – voluntarily leave for another part of Syria, their safety assured en route, or be eliminated.

Hardliners continue holding out. According to AMN news, they rejected a Russian demand to surrender their heavy weapons and release all civilians held hostage as human shields – in exchange for ceasefire in the area they control and safe passage to elsewhere in Syria.

East Ghouta represents the last major terrorist stronghold in the country, its entire liberation coming – unless Pentagon warplanes intervene to stop it, attacking government troops, risking direct confrontation with Russia.

Days earlier, Assad visited liberated parts of East Ghouta, driving through war-torn streets, meeting with government forces, congratulating them for their heroic struggle to free Syria from US-supported terrorists.

“This is al-Nashabiya. It was the first city to be liberated by the Syrian Arab Army since the start of military operations three weeks ago in Ghouta,” he said, adding:

“This city was heavily fortified. It was considered an advanced line towards the eastern side of Ghouta.”

“It took several days to liberate it, but the defeat of the terrorists was great. The liberation of al-Nashabiya allowed the liberation of the rest of Ghouta.”

“(W)e can see civilians beginning to clean schools. They are not teachers, but this indicates a high level of (public) consciousness.”

Each military success advances things toward eliminating terrorists in the country entirely, millions of Syrians hope.

Western media mocked Assad’s visit. The NYT called it “a leisurely drive into the heart of his country’s civil war.”

No civil war exists. Syria is victimized by US-led aggression, Trump continuing what Obama began, a regime change offensive to claim another US imperial trophy, prevented by Russia’s intervention at the behest of Damascus.

The Times: Assad “delivered an alternative view of the war…a world in which his opponents are all terrorists and his troops all heroes.”

“He does not hint at his own role in the war, his forces’ history of inflicting tremendous violence and the costs to civilians his painful sieges have exacted on rebel-held areas.”

Fact: Assad’s “view of the war” is accurate, polar opposite the disgraceful Western narrative, regurgitated by Times and other scoundrel media disinformation.

Fact: Assad’s “role in the war” is heroic, leading the struggle of his people to be freed from US-supported terrorists, along with the illegal presence of US, NATO and Turkish forces in the country.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post published an AP News account of Assad’s visit, mocking his claim about all opposition forces as terrorists.

Calling cutthroat killers “rebels” turns truth on its head, along with ignoring their use of CWs, falsely blamed on government forces, and other atrocities.

Claiming “(w)hat started as peaceful protests…turned into a civil war after a heavy crackdown” is part of the disgraceful disinformation campaign, ongoing throughout over seven years of US-initiated aggression.

Propaganda wars precede and accompany hot ones – media scoundrel disinformation key in trying to enlist public support for what demands committed opposition.

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