Bashing Trump for Wanting Improved Russia/US Relations

Blasting Trump for Wanting Improved Russia/US Relations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump’s criticism of scoundrel media fake news, along with wanting improved relations with Russia, are his only positive policies in an otherwise destructive agenda – harming ordinary people at home and abroad to serve privileged ones exclusively.

Media scoundrels ignore what most warrants harsh criticism, bashing him for the wrong reasons – most recently his outreach to Vladimir Putin, congratulating him on his reelection triumph – joining leaders from dozens of other nations extending their own best wishes.

A Wednesday President of Russia website said “(f)oreign heads of state and government and CEOs of international organizations continue to send congratulatory messages to Vladimir Putin on his victory in the presidential election.”

On Tuesday, the website said “Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin on his victory in the presidential election.”

“The leaders spoke in favor of developing practical cooperation in various areas, including efforts to ensure strategic stability and combat international terrorism, with particular emphasis on the importance of coordinated efforts to curb an arms race” – along with other key geopolitical issues.

NYT Russophobia dominates its reports on the country, shameless exercises in propaganda, truth-telling abandoned altogether.

Absurdly asking “(w)hy is Trump so afraid of Russia,” it quoted unindicted war criminal/Obama administration CIA director John Brennan.

He orchestrated the witch-hunt Russiagate hoax, falsely accusing Moscow of interfering in America’s electoral process – the exposed scam ongoing after many months of investigation uncovering nothing.

The Times: “Brennan pulled no punches…when he was asked why President Trump had congratulated his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for his victory in a rigged election, even after Mr. Trump’s national security staff warned him not to.”

Fact: Putin’s overwhelming reelection was scrupulously open, free, and fair – according to consensus from around 1,500 monitors observing the process.

Fact: There was nothing “rigged” about it. The Times again disgraced itself suggesting otherwise.

The self-styled newspaper of record quoted Brennan, saying “I think (Trump is) afraid of the president of Russia. The Russians, I think, have had long experience with Mr. Trump and may have things they could expose.”

Fact: Denigrating shoot-from-the-hip comments like the above are pure rubbish. The Times pretends they’re credible by featuring them, saying:

“The possibility that Mr. Putin could have some hold on the American president has lurked in the background over the past year as Mr. Trump displayed a mystifying affection for the Russian leader and ignored or excused his aggressive behavior and nefarious activities, most important, his interference in the 2016 campaign, a subject of the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

The above remarks are disgraceful, entirely lacking credibility – giving yellow journalism a bad name, a Times specialty, adding:

Putin “has become an increasingly authoritarian leader who has crushed most of his political opposition and engineered a deeply lopsided re-election this week.”

“American intelligence officials say they are certain that he meddled in the 2016 American election on behalf of Mr. Trump and is trying to meddle again in the 2018 election, as well as in many European elections.”

More disgraceful disinformation – not a shred of truth in these remarks. No responsible editors would publish them. Times editors featured them.

A litany of further Big Lies followed, painful reading, including an outrageous remark, saying “(i)f Mr. Trump isn’t Mr. Putin’s lackey, it’s past time for him to prove it.”

Does it have WW III in mind?

The Times repeatedly proves it’s a national disgrace, disinformation substituting for truth-telling on vital issues.

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