Briefing by Russia’s Information and Press Department Director

Briefing by Russia’s Information and Press Department Director

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Information and Press Department director Artyom Kozhin (AK below) discussed Russia’s Foreign Ministry response to false Skripal incident accusations against the Kremlin, saying:

Blaming Moscow for what it had nothing to do with “constitutes an accusation against us without giving any evidence.”

European Council nations shamefully bowed to UK pressure in claiming “no plausible alternative explanation” about the Skripal incident – a bald-faced lie.

AK: “(E)very day more and more discrepancies” contradict the official narrative. Britain refuses to cooperate with Russia.

EU nations allied with Britain and Washington in conducting an “anti-Russia (smear) campaign…with an obvious goal to put another obstacle in the way of normalizing the situation on the European continent.”

On Syria, AK said conditions remain tense, international attention misreporting on East Ghouta liberating efforts.

“The goal is to eliminate the terrorist threat to Damascus from (US-supported) extremist armed groups, which took control of this densely populated suburb of the Syrian capital,” AK explained, adding:

“The operation is unusual in that to be successful, it is necessary to separate the terrorists from the civilians whom they are using as human shields.”

Around 90% of the enclave’s residents are now freed, leaving through Russian-established humanitarian corridors.

“Once free, the people started crying and talking about the suffering they experienced while held hostage by the terrorists. Their hatred of the extremist groups which arbitrarily killed civilians, robbed them of their property, appropriated humanitarian aid and forced ordinary people to starve, was running high,” AK explained.

Without international community help, they’ve been given vital humanitarian aid. Syrian forces captured foreign-supplied heavy and other weapons, along with 40 tons of CWs, mostly chlorine, to be used for terrorist attacks falsely blamed on Syria.

It’s unknown how much more of these CWs remain in the hands of US-supported terrorists. Most supplies are likely coming in cross-border from Turkey, Jordan and perhaps Israel. What’s been seized can be replenished for future planned attacks.

Turkish-supported terrorists seized Afrin in northern Syria from Kurdish control. Washington, its imperial partners, Ankara and US-supported terrorists flagrantly breached Security Council Res. 2401, calling for a 30-day nationwide ceasefire.

Fighting never stopped. War continues because Washington rejects resolving it diplomatically.

AK: “The security situation in Afghanistan causes us considerable concern. The Taliban movement is actively engaged in terrorist activities, systematically carrying out attacks in various parts of the country…”

“The activity of ISIS…remains an essential factor in the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan. ISIS is consistently increasing the number of militants in the north of the country. The network of ISIS camps set up in the north of Afghanistan for the training of militants…is cause for special concern.”

Washington is responsible for deploying ISIS terrorists to Afghanistan, part of its agenda for endless war in the country, now in its 18th year, no prospect for resolution in sight because neocons running US foreign policy oppose peace and stability throughout the region and beyond.

US-led NATO operations near Russia’s border in the Baltic Sea region have been increasing, AK explained, a disturbingly hostile sign, risking “dangerous incidents with far-reaching consequences,” he stressed.

AK: “We have noted the resumed frenzy in the German media and the spreading of reports on Russia’s involvement in an alleged attack on the computer system of the German government by Russian hackers. It is alleged that that attack damaged sensitive personal data of the German Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Defense.”

No Russian cyber attacks occurred against Germany or any other countries, no threatened ones.

Claims otherwise are malicious and false, fueled by Russophobic hysteria – orchestrated in Washington, European and other countries supporting its hostile anti-Russia agenda.

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