Media Scoundrels Promote WW III

Media Scoundrels Promote WW III

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The deplorable state of US-led Western media needs no elaboration for anyone following reliable independent sources of news, information and analysis.

Along with their counterparts in Europe, Canada, Australia and elsewhere, US Russophobic media hysteria is manipulating Americans to believe Moscow poses an existential threat to the West – the false flag Skripal incident the latest/most extreme example.

Promoting the official narrative allies media scoundrels with the sinister Russophobic plot – risking WW III if things continue out-of-control on their present course.

In their latest edition, Russophobic NYT editors headlined “Tough Action on Russia, at Last, but More Is Needed,” saying:

“(E)xpeling scores of Russians from the United States and (other countries is) well overdue for Mr. Trump, whose long refusal to criticize Mr. Putin and hesitancy to act against Russia’s malign behavior have raised suspicions that Moscow knows secrets it could use to blackmail the American president.”

Trump is hostage to dark forces controlling him. Slamming Russia hard for what it had nothing to do with showed weakness, not strength, a US president being led, not responsibly leading.

Moscow and Vladimir Putin are victims of “malign (US/UK-led) behavior” – not the other way around.

The Times: “Monday’s development offers some hope that Mr. Trump may finally be forced to deal with the threat that Mr. Putin poses to the United States and its Western allies.”

Washington and its imperial partners pose an unparalleled threat to world peace and stability.

Russia allied with China perhaps represent the only chance to preserve it, hope slipping away with escalated Russophobic incidents, along with US provocations in the South China Sea, pushing Beijing to respond more forcefully.

The Times: “It appears to be getting more difficult for Mr. Trump to remain passive in the face of Russian aggression.”

Plenty of US-led aggression threatens world peace, none by Russia. Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies.

The Times: “The United States and its allies must stay united in condemning Mr. Putin’s nefarious activities and holding him to account. The expulsions show Russia will pay a price for using chemical weapons on allied territory.”

Turning truth on its head on vital issues is commonplace practice by the self-styled newspaper of record – a propaganda broadsheet, especially on geopolitical issues, notably on war and peace and Russia.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post is as bad or worse, its editors headlining “The Russian expulsions are a good first step. But only a first step,” saying:

Expulsions of Russian officials by America and other nations “were a needed response to the nerve-agent attack on a former spy and his daughter inside Britain – the latest audacious act of aggression by…Vladi­mir Putin.”

“…Russia’s malign operations in the West extend far beyond the agents it dispatches under diplomatic cover.”

“It has an army of hackers and trolls operating online, many of whom have been busy attempting to sow confusion about responsibility for the use of the nerve agent.”

All of the above is disgraceful rubbish, a colossal perversion of truth, a WaPo specialty – accuracy in reporting banished from its editions, especially geopolitical issues, supporting Washington’s war machine.

WaPo: “Mr. Putin must be deterred. Expelling a few dozen of his spies is a step, but it’s not likely to suffice.”

Inflammatory reporting like the above by the NYT and WaPo promotes war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers – recklessly allying with extremists in Washington involved in raping and destroying nations to control them.

Escalating Russophobic rhetoric and actions head things toward the unthinkable – media scoundrels promoting conflict, instead of responsibly arguing against it.

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