Russophobic NYT Disinformation

Russophobic NYT Disinformation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times is America’s equivalent of Soviet era Pravda – publishing daily disinformation on vital issues, notably geopolitical ones.

Its reports make painful reading, a Saturday editorial saying:

“Mr. Putin has fully embraced the old Kremlin aversion to ever admitting wrongdoing, whether it’s shooting down a Malaysian jetliner, or killing Alexander Litvinenko, or seizing Crimea, or fighting in eastern Ukraine, or cyber-meddling in Western elections, or doping Olympic athletes. Or using a lethal chemical weapon to poison a double-agent and his daughter in a provincial city in England.”

Fact: All of the above is utter rubbish, including the doping charge, true about some athletes in many, maybe most countries.

The Times falsely implied it’s state-sponsored in Russia, a disgraceful perversion of reality, not a shred of evidence suggesting it.

The reality of today’s Russia on the world stage is clear to anyone following independent sources of news, information and analysis – its geopolitical agenda polar opposite Washington’s rage for global hegemony, wars of aggression its favored strategy.

The Times: “Throughout Russia’s slow slide into authoritarianism, there has lingered a hope that relations with Moscow can be reset, as Hillary Clinton sought to do and as President Trump seems eager to do.”

“And while Mr. Putin’s drive to restore Russian influence and might – witness his proud unveiling of an intercontinental missile in March that ‘can reach any point in the world’ – is an echo of Soviet behavior…”

Fact: Democracy in America is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Russians have the real thing. Claiming otherwise is part of the Times’ grand deception about the country.

Fact: The same goes for Hillary’s reset, a hollow gesture, how Washington does business, promising one thing, doing another, proving it can never be trusted.

Fact: The Pentagon has nothing matching Russia’s super-weapons – formidable enough to give Washington pause about attacking its heartland and strategic sites.

They’re solely for defense, not offense. Unlike America, Russia champions world peace and stability.

Washington wages endlessly wages wars of aggression against nations threatening no one, raping and destroying them, Russia likely on its target list.

The Times lied claiming “Russia violates the most elemental norms of international behavior” – a longstanding US specialty the Times ignores.

The Times: “…Mr. Putin may find it intolerable that a turncoat is living comfortably in Britain, but it must be made clear to him that the West will unite in fury – yes, including Mr. Trump’s America – when Russia’s most fearsome weapons are deployed in a peaceful English town.”

Double agent Sergey Skripal was released after years in prison, freed to travel and live where he pleased.

Russia swapped him in a prisoner exchange with Washington. He was unimportant to Moscow – clearly not responsible for whatever caused his illness.

Britain, likely complicit with America, had motive and opportunity to harm him, a way to falsely blame Russia, escalating tensions more than already, inflicting a major body blow on East/West relations.

Instead of denouncing what happened, along with calling for Britain and Washington to be held accountable for the incident, the Times disgracefully blamed Moscow for what it had nothing to do with.

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