WaPo Blames Hamas for Israeli Mass Murder

WaPo Blames Hamas for Israeli Mass Murder

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors find new ways of disgracing themselves – supporting America’s killing machine, its imperial madness, and Israeli mass murder instead of condemning it.

WaPo: “Having suffered repeated military defeats at the hands of Israel, the Hamas movement has adopted new tactics.”

“Rather than launch rockets at Israeli cities or stage armed attacks through underground tunnels, the Islamist movement that rules the Gaza Strip encouraged the assembly of tens of thousands of civilians last Friday for what was billed as a peaceful march on the border.”

“In reality, it was not peaceful: While the majority of participants waited in tents, militants from Hamas and other groups charged the border fence, heaving stones and molotov cocktails at Israeli troops, rolling burning tires at the fence, and in at least one case firing shots.”

Fact: Three Israeli wars on Gaza since December 2008 were premeditated acts of aggression – mostly defenseless civilians slaughtered or injured, along with turning large parts of the Strip to rubble, notably residential communities and other civilian targets.

Fact: Virtually all Palestinian demonstrations and protests are peaceful – Israel responsible for violence confronting them, including use of deadly live fire, killing 18 Gazans since last Friday.

Fact: Israeli tank fire began the carnage, killing a Gazan farmer in his field far from the border.

Fact: Netanyahu’s regime and IDF commanders bear full responsibility for what happened on Friday, continuing through today – Palestinians responding in self-defense with little more than redoubtable courage against Israel’s killing machine, unleashed with fury against them.

Fact: Violence occurred two or three hundred meters from the border. No Israeli soldiers or civilians were hurt, none endangered.

Fact: Indeed things weren’t “peaceful” – premeditated Israeli violence responsible, not Hamas.

Fact: Imperial powers and supportive media like WaPo consistently blame victims for crimes committed against them.

According to Israeli military intelligence-connected DebkaFILE (DF), Israeli forces were ordered to act preemptively against Gazans – DF saying “(n)ew IDF orders (were to) initiate action in Gaza instead of letting Hamas call the shots.”

Netanyahu, defense minister Lieberman and IDF chief of staff General Gady Eisenkot planned violent tactics – despite no Gazan threat to Israeli security.

WaPo: “Israeli troops responded just as Hamas’s leaders must have hoped, opening fire with live ammunition” – a disgraceful perversion of truth.

WaPo: “…Hamas succeeded in dealing Israel a moral and political blow.”

Fact: Hamas and Palestinians want their fundamental rights respected, Israeli occupation ended, self-determination achieved, respected and supported by the world community – Israel held accountable for decades of Nuremberg-level high crimes.

WaPo: “Israel certainly has a right to defend its border from militant attacks, or even a mass peaceful invasion.”

Fact: No “militant attacks” or “invasion” threatened Israel’s border – no mention by WaPo of over a decade of suffocating Israeli blockade of the Strip solely for political reasons, unrelated to security.

Fact: Hamas never attacked Israeli territory preemptively – only in self-defense, responding to IDF aggression, its legitimate right under international law.

WaPo: “Hamas is seeking to revive itself by having Israel create new ‘martyrs.’ The Netanyahu government should do its best not to cooperate.”

Hamas seeks an end to illegal Israeli blockade and respect for Palestinian rights.

WaPo one-sidedly supports Israel – no matter its ruthless persecution of millions of defenseless Palestinians, including slaughtering them in cold blood.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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