AIPAC’s Reinvented Account of Israeli Mass Murder

AIPAC’s Reinvented Account of Israeli Mass Murder

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Like Israel and Washington, AIPAC blames Palestinians for IDF high crimes committed against them – supporting mass murder instead of responsibly condemning it.

The organization provides propaganda services for the Ziofascist state – ignoring its ruthlessness.

Its account of Israel’s March 30 massacre of Gazans was its usual litany of disinformation and Big Lies.

AIPAC: “As part of a conscious strategy to challenge Israel’s sovereignty, Hamas staged ‘peaceful protests’ this past weekend to mask attempts to infiltrate Israel.”

“Hiding behind innocent children and civilians, the terror group fired at Israel and attempted to breach the Gaza-Israel border.”

“Hamas continues to make clear its primary goal is not a better life for the people of Gaza, but the destruction of Israel.”

“The United States should continue to support Israel and press Hamas to disarm and end the use of human shields.”

Fact: March 30 and April 7 Gazan protests were peaceful until Israel initiated violence, soldiers using live fire, ordered to kill or injure demonstrators hundreds of meters from Israel’s border – threatening no one.

Fact: Not a single Israeli soldier or civilian was harmed on either day.

Fact: The “Great March of Return” is all about demonstrating against occupation harshness, notably Gaza’s blockade, creating one of the world’s severest humanitarian crises – not about infiltrating Israel.

Fact: Hamas is Palestine’s legitimately elected government, not a falsely designated terrorist group. Israeli state-terrorism threatens all Palestinians, along with regional states Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Fact: Hamas supports Palestinian liberation, its self-determination, its freedom from an oppressive occupier – its demands and objectives supported by international law, rejected by Israel, Washington and AIPAC.

Fact: In its wars of aggression on Gaza, Israel was caught red-handed using Palestinians as human shields. Accusing Hamas of this high crime is a bald-faced lie.

AIPAC: “During the March 30 demonstrations, Hamas protestors fired at Israeli personnel on the border…”

Fact: Live fire was solely by Israeli soldiers against defenseless Palestinian civilians threatening no one.

AIPAC: “… Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh…threaten(ed) Israel…”

A bald-faced lie!

AIPAC: “Instead of meeting the basic needs of its citizens, Hamas has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on terrorism, rockets and attack tunnels.”

Fact: Hamas never attacked Israel preemptively, responding only to its aggression. Repressive Israeli blockade, solely for political reasons, bears full responsibility for Gazan suffering.

AIPAC: “Israel and America are working to improve Gaza’s humanitarian situation.”

Fact: Long-suffering Gazans know these rogue states partner in inflicting misery on the Strip, doing nothing to relieve things.

AIPAC: “The United States should continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself and protect its borders.”

Fact: Israel’s only enemies are invented one – not Palestinians, Hamas or anyone else.

AIPAC operates illegally as an unregistered foreign agent, supporting rogue state Israel, calling its high crimes “self-defense.”

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