Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and Skripal Affair

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and Skripal Affair

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

“(D)ie-hard” terrorists in East Ghouta’s Douma sabotaged Russia’s evacuation agreement. Fighting continues to liberate the sole remaining enclave’s pocket controlled by US-supported cutthroat killers.

Some in their ranks acquiesced and left. Others continue waging a battle they’re doomed to lose.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below), “(r)adical militants are trying to hamper the negotiating process,” adding:

“They are circulating rumors about an impending massacre and violence with regard to civilians staying behind in the city.”

“Few people believe this misinformation. Douma residents have had more than enough of bandit tyranny and arbitrary rule.” As has been the case in other

“Eastern Ghouta towns and villages, they are looking forward to reinstating the legitimate government capable of guaranteeing their safety and tranquil life, of giving them an opportunity to work normally, to raise their children and to resume their peaceful lives.”

Residents of liberated East Ghouta began returning to their homes, their nightmarish years of captivity as human shields and brutalizing treatment over.

Russian intelligence-obtained information shows US-supported terrorists intend staging one or more CW attacks, Syria to be falsely blamed.

MZ: “Makeshift workshops with large stocks of toxic agents, including chlorine, have been found in the populated areas after their liberation from the terrorists.”

“Local residents told the authorities that the terrorists were preparing chemical provocations together with the notorious White Helmets.”

“The goal of such attacks is clear: to create a pretext for bringing new ‘irrefutable’ accusations against Damascus.”

Last month, Russia’s military chief General Valery Gerasimov warned of serious consequences if Russian personnel in Syria are harmed.

Commenting on the Skripal affair, MZ called accusations against Russia “absolutely groundless,” none of its concerns addressed.

Western media propaganda continues promoting the Russia did it Big Lie, despite no corroborating proof. The US/UK promoted narrative “is essentially an absolute lie,” MZ stressed, adding:

From the day the incident occurred, Russia used all diplomatic channels at its disposal, “insistently ask(ing) for, offer(ing), and later demand(ing) a reciprocal discussion and study of the classified materials available to London.”

“The UK, at its own initiative, has officially and even publicly refused to have any contacts with the Russian Federation, while doing its best to mislead the public that it is the Russian side that is refusing to cooperate.”

“We are drowning in a steady stream of misinformation regarding this topic. The absurd part of this is that the UK is accusing Russia of spreading fake news.”

Moscow is justifiably outraged, so far responding proportionately to harsh action against its government alone, avoiding much tougher action needed.

Lacking it encourages further unjustifiable US/UK/NATO Russophobic harshness.

Unrelenting Russia bashing continues. MZ quoted the UK Telegraph, turning truth on its head, saying a “highly skilled team of Russian murderers” were involved in poisoning the Skripals.

NYT propaganda claimed smearing a highly dangerous toxic agent on Sergey Skripal’s door handle could only have been done by professionals, blaming Russia for what happened.

MZ called Russophobic disinformation a UK/Western media “con game.”

Russia’s call for an open, independent, transparent investigation was rebuffed by Britain.

Sergey and Yulia Skripal are recovering. Once able to speak publicly, more light will be shed on what happened.

The official narrative was exposed as a Big Lie. The March 4 incident was a US/UK false flag, the latest Russophobic incident, much more surely coming.

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