Syria Falsely Blamed for Alleged Douma CW Attack

Syria Falsely Blamed for Alleged Douma CW Attack

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last month, Russia warned it was coming.

On Friday, Russian Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko repeated the warning, saying (US-supported) al-Nusra and so-called Free Syrian Army terrorists “are plotting explosions of makeshift chemical charges containing chlorine in a number of areas under their control,” adding:

Terrorists “plan to photograph and video the alleged effects of chemical weapons and show the clips to the public at large to blame government troops for civilians casualties, as well as to provide excuses for their own actions to disrupt ceasefire in Daraa” – along with hoping to slow the Syrian army’s advance in Douma.

According to Southfront, “some pro-militant sources claim that about 500 people were affected by the (latest clearly staged false flag) attack” – Syrian forces blamed for what they had nothing to do with.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported the following:

An “(o)fficial (Syrian) source asserted on Saturday that Jaish al-Islam terrorists positioned in their last bastion of Douma are in a state of dramatic collapse before the Syrian Arab Army.”

“Using chemical allegations in Douma is (a) blatant attempt to hinder (the) army’s advance.”

“(C)hemical fabrications (won’t impede) the Syrian state (from) end(ing) terrorism in every square inch of Syrian territory…”

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert falsely blamed government forces for the Douma CW incident – compounding her Big Lie adding:

Syria’s “history of using chemical weapons against its own people is not in dispute…”

Fact: Throughout over seven years of US aggression, no evidence shows CW use by Syrian forces at any time – plenty proving US-supported terrorists used sarin, chlorine and other banned toxins numerous times.

Nauert disgracefully blamed Syria and Russia for the latest incident – her accusations clear bald-faced lies.

Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmet terrorists were conveniently positioned in Douma.

Its so-called graphic images were staged, likely readied in advance from an unrelated US-supported CW incident elsewhere, maybe in another country, presented to falsely claim Syrian responsibility for the latest attack.

RT reported a “US-based SAMS representative claimed a ‘chlorine bomb hit Douma hospital,’ another building…targeted by a (nonexistent) barrel-bomb containing (nonexistent) ’nerve agents’ “ – false accusations, not legitimate ones.

Likely US-orchestrated, remaining terrorists in Douma carried out whatever occurred, the latest incident falsely blamed on Syrian forces.

Moscow earlier explained these incidents happen when terrorists are being smashed, a way to derail conflict resolution efforts, along with encouraging greater US aggression – including by attacking Syrian forces.

In the wake of the latest false flag incident, it’s vital for Russia to warn Washington not to escalate conflict – strongly asserting it won’t tolerate hostile US-led actions against Syria, its military or people.

Failure to make its position clear in no uncertain terms will encourage Washington to step up aggression – putting conflict resolution further out of reach than already.

NYT Disinformation on the Above Incident

It disgracefully called US-supported terrorists, “(a)nti-government activists” – reporting the false narrative as factual, maliciously accusing Syria for what it had nothing to do with.

It quoted Trump earlier saying “(i)t is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons” – practically goading him to escalate US aggression in the country.

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