Another Bloody Friday in Gaza

Another Bloody Friday in Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

April 13 is the third consecutive Great March of Return Friday, continuing in besieged Gaza until Nabka Day commemorations on May 15.

The BDS National Committee called for “building toward a military embargo” on Israel, highlighting its “ongoing massacre against unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza.”

Activists in the Strip ask “(w)hat is the world doing while Israel’s massacre is live streamed?” 

It’s everyone’s responsibility to demand these high crimes not go unpunished. BDS activism is key, the most effective anti-Ziofascist strategy.

Two million Palestinians are held hostage by Israel in Gaza, the world community indifferent to their suffering by doing nothing to end it.

Gaza is the epicenter of Israel’s illegal/brutally oppressive half century of occupation.

The Gisha Legal Center for Free Movement discussed Gaza in this context, along with 70 years of Israel’s existence by stealing 78% of historic Palestine in 1948, the rest in June 1967.

Gisha highlighted the daily harshness of Gaza’s blockade, creating one of the world’s gravest humanitarian crises, increasingly unbearable, compounded by three Israeli wars of aggression, as well as frequent IDF cross-border incursions and terror-bombings.

Great March of Return Friday demonstrations reflect Gazans yearning to be free from oppressive occupation, their legitimate right under international law.

“Gaza residents have hovered on the brink of humanitarian disaster for too long, mired in a reality that offers little hope for the future,” said Gisha, adding: 

“The protests on the border are in part intended to call the world’s attention to this bleak reality, and compel a solution.”

There’s no compromise on demanding an end to blockade and occupation harshness throughout the Territories.

Instead of relieving dire conditions, Israel worsens them – why Gazans are putting their bodies on the line for liberation.

Held hostage by Israeli viciousness, things are intolerable, essentials to life in short supply, Gaza’s infrastructure “unfathomable,” said Gisha.

Water is contaminated, unfit to drink. Untreated raw sewage pours into the sea daily.

“Prevented from seeking work outside of Gaza and with a stifled economy in the Strip, residents there find themselves in perpetual survival mode, averting a larger crisis only due to humanitarian aid and with little hope for the future,” Gisha explained.

Ahead of Friday demonstrations, a seriously injured Gazan died, his wounds caused by live IDF fire. On Thursday, another Gazan was killed by an Israeli terror-bombing attack – the death toll since Good Friday at 34.

On Friday, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported over 525 Gazans wounded so far, around a third from live fire.

Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qidra accused Israel of targeting a mobile clinic east of Khan Younis with tear gas, treating the injured, 10 of its medical staff affected.

“Despite the direct targeting of our medical points, we are determined to continue providing treatment to our people under all circumstances,” he said.

Journalists covering what Israel wants suppressed are prime targets – last Friday nine individuals wearing flak jackets marked “PRESS” and helmets were shot in their legs 100s of meters from Israel’s border – struck with exploding dum dum bullets, causing severe injuries.

Coordinating Committee for the Great March of Return member Amer Shreiteh explained Friday’s protest theme is “Burn the Israeli flag and raise the Palestinian one.”

Each of five encampments, hundreds of meters from Israel’s border, raised 25-square-meter Palestinian flags – symbols of heroic resistance.

Protests continue, no fatalities reported so far, some likely before another bloody Friday ends.

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