Media Scoundrels Cheerlead US-Led Aggression on Syria

Media Scoundrels Cheerlead US-Led Aggression on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Media scoundrels consistently support all US-led wars of aggression on nations threatening no one – attacked solely for their sovereign independence, refusing to bow to Washington’s will.

Following overnight US-led aggression on Syria, screaming headlines expressed support for what demands condemnation.

The NYT screamed “US Attacks Syria in Retaliatory Strike” – over nothing, the Times failed to explain.

Other Times headlines continued the self-styled newspaper of record’s assault on Syria, roaring “Britain and France Join Strikes to Show Western Resolve” – the Times way of explaining naked aggression.

Another headline roared “Tough Talk, but a Restrained Strike.” It could have been much more destructive and may be ahead in follow-up aggression.

A Times editorial headlined “A Coordinated Attack on Syria,” saying:

“(I)t was reassuring that his military response to a suspected chemical attack that killed dozens of people in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Douma on April 7 was coordinated with Britain and France.”

Fact: In all its preemptive wars since against North Korea in the early 1950s, the Times never accused Washington of naked aggression, instead provided cheerleading services – proliferating Big Lies, suppressing hard truths.

The Times: “The attack in Douma was an outrage. Photos showed children foaming from their mouths and nostrils. The World Health Organization reported that 500 people in Douma had symptoms of exposure to chemical weapons, and many of those who died had signs of ‘highly toxic chemicals.’ “

Fact: No attack occurred, explained earlier and in a same-day article. Russia has indisputable evidence, disproving the official Big Lie.

The Times: “Since World War II, presidents from both parties have pushed the boundaries of executive authority and carried out many military operations without congressional authorizations.”

Fact: These attacks constitute naked aggression. The Times failed to acknowledge it – while admitting no nation may attack another except in self-defense, as well as with required Security Council authorization, clearly not gotten for overnight aggression.

No exceptions are justifiable for any reasons, including the illegal post-9/11 congressional Authorization for use of Military Force, still used to justify unjustifiable US naked aggression.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post headlined “US launches missile strikes in Syria.”

A separate disinformation piece roared “Russia is lying about Syria,” adding “Trump has no credibility to counter it” – the report supporting the Big Lie about a Douma CW incident that didn’t happen.

The Wall Street Journal screamed “US, Allies Launch Airstrikes on Syria.”

Same-day reports headlined: 

“Trump Says Strikes Aimed at Ending Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons” – despite none existing, none used by Syrian forces throughout years of war, CWs only used by US-supported terrorists.

Another Journal headline screamed “US Upholds Its Red Line While Steering Clear of Russia’s.”

Virtually all media scoundrel reports on overnight aggression largely stuck to the official narrative – pushing the Big Lie, falsely blaming Syria for a nonexistent CW incident.

So far, the worst of what might have been was avoided, unlikely going forward.

Defense Secretary Mattis warned of more US-led attacks in response to further CW incidents – no matter how lacking credibility.

US-led war on Syria for regime change is far from over – especially because Russia refuses to challenge its aggression forcefully.

Appeasing Washington, pursuing futile diplomacy, accomplishes nothing, clear after six years of trying without success.

Expect more of what happened overnight ahead, maybe something far more serious. 

Washington is encouraged to do what it wants because Russia’s opposition is rhetorical alone, a counterproductive way to challenge serial aggression.

Appeasement encourages more of it – ongoing in multiple US war theaters, likely more coming against other targeted nations threatening no one!

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