Fake News Douma CW Incident Probe Worthless

Fake News Douma CW Incident Probe Worthless

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Addressing the Security Council on Tuesday, Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya minced no words, saying:

“The idea of creating a mechanism on attributing responsibility for the use of chemical weapons (in Douma) no longer makes any sense when Washington and its allies have already determined who’s guilty and in essence are already acting like self-appointed executioners.”

The damage is done, US-led terror-bombing likely to be followed by much more, Nebenzya adding:

“(O)n Friday they arrange an act of aggression against Syria and on Saturday they come with the political resolution.”

“They attributed the guilt and they have already punished the (alleged) culprits. So they don’t need any attributive mechanism any more.”

Instead of observing SC resolutions on Syria, Washington and its imperial partners flagrantly violate them, blaming Damascus, Moscow and Tehran for their high crimes.

Russia requested a Tuesday SC session to discuss the deplorable situation in Raqqa – raped and destroyed by four months of US-led terror-bombing, countless thousands of civilians massacred, their rotting corpses buried beneath a once thriving city turned to rubble.

Nebenzya said the destroyed city is occupied and run by a gang of incompetents, little or no rebuilding going on.

Civilians returning do it at their own risk, “often killed by mines and IEDs,” Nebenzya explained.

He blasted US-led aggression against multiple Syrian sites pre-dawn Saturday. Calling America, Britain and France “the troika,” he said they undermined conflict resolution talks, adding:

“If the goal is to force the Syrian President under a hail of bombs to sit at the negotiation table, presented as a victory over him…such a task is not feasible…There should be no illusions.”

Addressing the Tuesday session, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock said around 50 civilians weekly are being killed in the ruins of the city.

“Conditions are not conducive for return, due to a high level of unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive device (IED) contamination, and widespread and severe infrastructural damage and the lack of basic services,” he explained, adding: 

“Up to 95% of households who have returned to Raqqa are food-insecure. Health services are lacking or severely limited.”

Up to 80% of structures were damaged or destroyed. US-led aggression had nothing to do with combating ISIS Washington supports.

Joint US, UK and French overnight Friday aggression targeting multiple Syrian sites had nothing to do with the fake news Douma incident.

It was all about targeting and destroying Syria’s military capabilities – the mission thwarted by its air defense systems, explained in a separate article.

US-led naked aggression in Syria continues with no end of it in sight. I expect much worse ahead, not stepping back from the brink. 

America’s permanent war agenda assures it in all its conflict theaters – Afghanistan the prototype for endless US wars of aggression.

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