US Officials Signal Further US-Led Aggression in Syria Coming

US Officials Signal Further US-Led Aggression in Syria Coming

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Reuters cited four unnamed US officials saying last week’s US, UK, French strikes on Syrian targets failed to eliminate its ability to launch CW attacks.

The news agency failed to explain no Syrian CW capability exists, its entire arsenal destroyed in 2014. 

No evidence suggests its military retains any of these weapons, or ever used them during the conflict – used repeatedly by US-supported terrorists throughout years of war, most often falsely blamed on Assad.

Last Saturday, Trump declared “mission accomplished” following overnight Friday US-led aggression on Syrian targets. 

A Pentagon after-action report said “(l)ast night’s operations were successful. We met all of our objectives. We hit all of our targets successfully.” 

Syrian air defenses destroyed two-thirds of launched missiles in flight. The US, UK, French aggression had nothing to do with targeting Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

None exist. Syrian military facilities were the primary targets, left largely unscathed by the aggression.

Defense Secretary Mattis lied saying the strikes “demonstrate(ed) international resolve to prevent chemical weapons from being used on anyone under any circumstances in contravention of international law.”

Speaking to Reuters anonymously, US officials lied claiming Assad retains CWs and precursors in schools and residential buildings.

A White House National Security Council spokesman lied, saying the joint US, UK, French strikes were to hold Syria accountable, degrade its CW capabilities, and prevent future toxic agent attacks, “while minimizing civilian casualties,” an objective Washington never gives a hoot about, massacring civilians in all its wars of aggression.

Syria has no CW capabilities. No evidence suggests otherwise. Remarks Reuters cited from four unnamed US officials suggests last week’s aggression was prelude for much more to come.

Washington seeks regime change. It wants Syria’s military capabilities weakened – the failed objective of last week’s mission.

Failure virtually assures more US-led aggression coming, perhaps another CW false flag used as a pretext.

Russia remained passive last week, failing to challenge US-led strikes on Syrian targets.

Much depends on what it does if further aggression is coming – a near certainty given mission failure last week and Washington’s rage to topple Assad.

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