No East/West Confrontation Coming?

No East/West Confrontation Coming?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

I’m a great admirer of Sergey Lavrov’s diplomatic skills.

Praising him many times, I called him a world-class diplomat, a model foreign minister, a peace champion, world’s apart from his deplorable Western counterparts, notably US and UK ones.

Like Vladimir Putin, his remarks are straight forward and candid, unlike Western double talk, saying one thing, intending something entirely different, supporting war, abhorring peace.

Yet during a recent interview, addressing possible belligerent confrontation between Moscow and Washington, Lavrov said he’s “absolutely confident…that militaries (from both countries) will not allow this, and of course, neither will President Putin or President Trump,” adding: 

“They are leaders, after all, elected by their people and responsible for their peace” – a remarkable statement given Washington’s permanent war agenda, its rage for global dominance, its aim to replace all sovereign independent governments with pro-Western ones.

US hardliners infesting the executive and congressional branches consider Russia America’s main adversary, its sworn enemy.

They’re hellbent for regime change, waging escalated political, economic, and propaganda war, no end of it in sight. Things keep worsening, not improving.

In an earlier article, I asked is US hot war on Russia inevitable? The geopolitical agendas of both countries are world’s apart.

Talks between them accomplish nothing. Washington is a serial aggressor. Russia’s best efforts won’t change things.

Resolving irreconcilable differences was unachievable under Obama, less attainable given Trump’s war cabinet, hardened with recent additions.

Instead of fulfilling a campaign promise to improve bilateral relations, Trump let them deteriorate to the most dangerous level in memory.

Despite neither country wanting war, dismal relations may cause the unthinkable to happen by accident or design.

Russia is the world’s leading peace and stability champion – America just the opposite, recklessly waging wars in multiple theaters, other nations on its target list.

The Russian Federation is its sworn enemy. Will its war on US-supported terrorists in Syria ignite conflict between both countries?

Lavrov is far too savvy to dismiss the possibility, privately if not publicly. Improved bilateral relations are virtually impossible with Russophobic hardline lunatics infesting Washington.

The Russian Federation will never permit colonization by US-led Western powers.

Militarily superior to the West, it won’t tolerate bullying past an unannounced red line – likely not permitting harm on its military personnel, notably in Syria.

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov earlier said any threats to its armed forces will be targeted and destroyed. 

Provocations will be confronted appropriately. Russia wants world peace and stability. It’s prepared for war if coming.

US military bases encroaching on its borders, along with America’s rage for endless wars, has Russia’s military planning for the worst, possible conflict between the world’s dominant nuclear powers – hoping what’s unthinkable won’t happen.

Perhaps its super-weapons give Washington pause not to cross a red line of no return.

Or do irreconcilable differences between both countries make war between them inevitable, a showdown endangering life on earth?

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