Russia Sponsoring Terrorism

Russia Sponsoring Terrorism?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Russophobic NYT featured neocon hardline Senator Cory Gardner disgracefully asking: “Is Russia Sponsoring Terrorism?”

You can’t make this stuff up. The self-styled newspaper of record gives yellow journalism a bad name – featuring Big Lies, suppressing hard truths on major issues from its editions.

Gardner’s hate-mongering/trash talk op-ed turned truth on its head, accusing Putin of “causing grievous harm to international peace and stability.”

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The greatest serial aggressor in world history, America, is responsible for more mass casualties and vast destruction over a longer duration than any previous or current rogue state.

The Russian Federation never attacked another country, never waged an aggressive war. Under Putin, it’s the world’s leading peace and stability champion.

Its agenda is polar opposite US ruthlessness, its permanent war on humanity, its rage for global dominance, no matter the human cost.

For supporting all of the above, Gardner through his House and Senate voting record is an unindicted war criminal, belonging in prison, not high office.

Yet the Times gave him feature op-ed space to lie, deceive, and otherwise suppress hard truths – a NYT specialty, featured in daily editions, notably on vital geopolitical issues, virtually anything about Russia.

Gardner compounded his Russophobic maliciousness saying “(t)he State Department should consider adding the country to its list of state sponsors of terrorism, alongside its close allies Iran and Syria,” adding:

“The moral case for such a designation is sound. Russia has invaded its neighbors Georgia and Ukraine, it supports…Bashar al-Assad and our enemies in Afghanistan, and it is engaged in active information warfare against Western democracies, including meddling in the 2016 United States elections.”

Fact: All of the above are despicable bald-faced lies, voiced numerous times before by other neocon lunatics and supportive media scoundrels like the Times, Gardner repeating them, the Times disgracefully publishing what no responsible editors would touch.

More Gardner Big Lies followed, falsely accusing Moscow of poisoning the Skripals, calling it “officially responsible for a chemical weapons attack against a NATO member state on its own soil – a brazen violation of sovereignty of our closest ally,” adding: 

“It requires a serious American response.” Does he have WW III in mind?

Lunatics like Gardner infest Washington. He’s arrogant, over-the-top and imbecilic claiming:

“There is also evidence that Russia is playing both sides of the conflict in Syria – defending…Assad…but also fueling the radical insurgency against it.”

Sources he cited are illegitimate putschist/state-controlled “Ukrainian news outlets,” turning truth on its head, claiming “Russia has provided material support to the Islamic State, including assistance in recruitment,” according to Gardner.

He piled on more fabricated accusations, adding he intends “introduc(ing) legislation that would require the State Department to determine within 90 days whether the Russian Federation meets the criteria to be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Numerous other extremist lunatics like Gardner infest Washington.

It’s why belligerent interventionism is longstanding US policy – why self-styled American exceptionalism leaves world peace hanging by a thread!

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