Heavy Gunfire Reported in Riyadh

Heavy Gunfire Reported in Riyadh

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Overnight, heavy gunfire was reported near King Salman’s palace.

He, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), and perhaps others were reported evacuated to a bunker beneath a regime military base protected by US special forces.

What’s going on is unclear. Some area residents suggested an attempted coup began. Other reports said a drone overflew the palace. It’s unknown if casualties occurred.

Internal opposition royals claimed “a senior ground force officer has led a raid on the palace to kill the king and the crown prince.”

It’s unclear how many elements, their identify or affiliation are involved in what’s happening.

Videos showed armored vehicles surrounding the royal palace. King Salman’s “special guard” enhanced security in the city.

Airspace over Riyadh was closed except for civil and military purposes.

Pakistani defense analyst Zaid Hamid tweeted:

“There is definitely fighting going on around the palace of the Saudi king. Some reports suggest a palace coup,” adding:

“But some sources (claim an) attack by Yemeni Houthis. Situation is unclear…(Overnight) NO official reports are possible. All sources are Saudis so far.”

Details remain sketchy. Houthis launched missiles on Saudi sites numerous times earlier, nothing reported on what targets may have been struck or possible damage.

It’s unclear precisely what’s happening in Riyadh. Evacuating King Salman and MBS to a heavily protected underground bunker, if true, suggests possible greater concern than what official regime reports claim.

More on this if further information becomes available.

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