Russian Foreign Ministry on Letter to Russia, Syria and Skripal Incident

Russian Foreign Ministry on Letter to Russia, Syria, and Skripal Incident

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) quoted comments from a German citizen’s letter to Sergey Lavrov.

It expressed an “apolog(y) for the hostile behavior of my German government, as well as other European countries that have official relations with you and Russia,” adding: 

“I consider this behavior dishonest, false and cowardly. Please continue with your clear policy. I wish you success.”

Germany and other EU countries are complicit with Washington in vilifying Russia unjustifiably. MZ said the above letter “speaks volumes.”

On Syria, MZ denounced the April 14 “act of open aggression” committed by Washington, Britain and France – terror-bombing Syrian targets, flagrantly violating international law based on a Big Lie, discussed in previous articles.

No Douma CW incident occurred. Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets-produced images were fake. MZ explained the deception, saying “stories were cooked up, with children forced to pretend to be wounded, dead, poisoned with a deadly gas.” 

“Among other things, this is a concoction of hastily made materials, ignorance and incomprehension of what they are speaking about.”

“Video footage which appeared after reports of chemical attacks feature whole families that were allegedly killed.” 

“Footage was taken in flats on different floors of the same residential building. In one of the videos a boy in a striped sweater with a mark on his temple is lying in the corridor whereas in another clip the same boy is lying on a carpet in another room.”

“In the video, a girl in a red sweater lies under a striped blanket whereas in posted photos the same girl lies in the center of another room among numerous dead bodies of adults. This is a pure fake.”

Fake indeed, the official fabricated narrative still repeated by media scoundrels – all reciting from the same script, blasting the Big Lie, suppressing cold, hard facts.

MZ: “(T)he negative consequences (of the April 14 aggression) on the ground were felt immediately.” 

“Our suggestion that the actions of the three western countries were aimed at giving radicals and extremists some time to recover and prolong the bloodshed in Syria, thus complicating the political settlement process, were confirmed.”

Conflict rages in various parts of the country. Liberated East Ghouta is relatively stable.

MZ: “Another illegal laboratory to produce toxic agents such as sulfur and nitrogen mustard gases as well as a weapons manufacturing factory was discovered in the Douma districts vacated by the terrorists.” 

“In total, 1.5 tonnes of explosive substances, 250 landmines and 25 kilogrammes of TNT were withdrawn from their storage facilities.”

At an April 18 emergency OPCW executive council meeting at Britain’s request, its technical secretariat director-general lied, claiming the presence of toxic BZ in the biomedical tests of Sergey and Yulia Skripal was unrelated to the incident harming them, MZ explained, adding:

Head of the OPCW’s Rejswijk, Netherlands lab falsely claimed BZ was found in samples it received, “but (it was) deliberately added to the samples by OPCW experts to ascertain the competence of the lab, that is to say the materials pertaining to a case of world significance are sent to the lab whose competence needs to be confirmed by adding some other substances out of interest. This was said to be standard OPCW practice.”

Russia challenged the fabricated claim. Its embassy staff are still denied access to their own citizens – held hostage by Britain to prevent them from telling what they know about what happened.

Vital Russian questions remain unanswered. The notoriously pro-Western OPCW is involved in suppressing the truth about the Skripal incident.

Moscow fears Britain is destroying vital evidence to prevent exposure of its fabricated claims.

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