US Human Rights Report Sanitizes Israeli High Crimes

US Human Rights Report Sanitizes Israeli High Crimes

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Annual State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices omit US high crimes – the most egregious human rights abuser over a longer duration in world history from inception.

Each year, its horrendous abuses over the past 12 months are airbrushed from the State Department report.

It greatly downplays Israeli high crimes. In previous years, its report on the Jewish state headlined “Israel and the Occupied Territory.”

Its current one is titled “Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza.”

Zionist zealot US ambassador to Israel David Friedman reportedly asked the State Department to stop calling the Occupied Territories occupied.

Last year he was quoted saying (illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land) “are part of Israel.”

The State Department’s report falsely called Israel “a multiparty democracy.” There’s nothing democratic about a ruthless rogue state, the region’s leading human rights abuser – at war with Palestinians for 70 years, attacking neighboring states at its discretion.

The report highlighted “terrorist attacks targeting civilians and politically and religiously motivated killings by nonstate groups and individuals” – falsely blaming Palestinians for high crimes committed against them.

It cited Israeli administrative detentions, failing to explain their illegality, how many, for what reasons, used solely against Palestinians, holding them behind bars uncharged, untried indefinitely by renewing 6-month detention periods.

It lied saying “(t)he government took steps to prosecute and punish officials who committed abuses within Israel regardless of rank or seniority.”

Security forces and settlers almost never are held accountable for crimes committed against Palestinians – never any government officials or senior IDF ones.

The report said “(o)n December 6, 2017, the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” – failing to explain recognition flagrantly violated international law.

The State Department report mostly ignored grievous abuses committed against Palestinians, admitting arbitrary Israeli arrests, demolition of Palestinian homes, harsh interrogation practices, along with restricting Palestinian movement, the right to assemble, and demonstrate peacefully.

Israel is a longstanding US ally. Both countries represent pure evil. Their ruthless agendas focus on conquest and dominance.

PLO executive committee member Ahmad Majdalani called the State Department’s report on Israel an attempt “to abolish the depiction of occupation from these territories, which affirms US complicity with the occupation,” adding:

It aimed “to beautify the image of the occupation through its international reports, but the whole world is well aware of the horrors of this occupation and its crimes and systematic state terrorism against our people.”

“If the current situation continues without international intervention to break the US hegemony on the political process, we will not get any results, and the Trump administration will hold full responsibility for any explosion that may engulf the region as a whole.”

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