Russian Criticism of Western Aggression Falls on Deaf Ears

Russian Criticism of Western Aggression Falls on Deaf Ears

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hegemons pay no heed to criticism of their policies, no matter how lawless. 

Nor do their partners in high crimes, allied in pursuing a common agenda – regardless of how core international laws are violated. 

Washington is a serial aggressor. US-dominated NATO is all about offense, not defense. Alliance enemies are invented. Real ones don’t exist.

Yet endless wars rage, no end of them in sight, new nations on Washington’s target list, eliminating sovereign independent Russia and China the final obstacles to unchallenged US dominance.

America’s permanent war agenda heads perilously toward a potentially catastrophic one to end future conflicts, humanity at risk of being consumed by US hubris, arrogance, and rage to dominate.

Russia was clearly enraged over April 14 US, UK, French aggression against multiple Syrian sites, yet failed to intervene against them, encouraging more of the same, likely something more serious, a slippery slope toward potential all-out war in Syria, risking East/West confrontation.

On Monday, Putin and French President Macron spoke by phone. A Kremlin readout said discussion included French involvement in US-led April 14 aggression in Syria.

Putin called the attacks “an extremely grave violation of international law, resulted in extra complications of the political settlement of the Syrian crisis.”

Both leaders agreed to continue pursuing peace talks, achieving no breakthroughs after six years of multiple rounds in Geneva, Astana and Sochi.

Things are no further along toward conflict resolution than when Geneva talks began in 2012 – because Washington, Israel, and their imperial allies want endless war and regime change, not peace and stability restored to Syria, defeating their agenda if achieved.

Countless more diplomatic rounds and bilateral discussions won’t change a thing.

Wars rage endlessly in all US war theaters – Iraq since the Carter administration, Afghanistan since 2001, Libya and Syria since 2011.

Obama more than triple-downed Bush/Cheney wars, terror-bombing seven countries. 

Trump escalated Obama’s aggression, stacked his administration with neocon lunatics, risking direct confrontation with Russia by upping the ante in Syria.

Sergey Lavrov slammed US-led aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, expressing great concern about what happened, calling the alleged Douma CW incident “staged,” airstrikes launched anyway, adding:

“I think it should be clear to all impartial observers that this was aimed at disrupting the OPCW investigation and undermining the positive direction that was gaining ground largely thanks to the activities of the guarantor countries of the Astana process.”

“(T)his totally illegal action (is an) unacceptable way to resolve serious international crises.”

Knowing the attack was coming, Russia remained passive, failing to challenge it forcefully, the only way to get Washington’s intention.

All the huffing, puffing and criticism in the world accomplishes nothing. It’s counterproductive, encouraging Washington and its imperial partners to continue doing the same thing, escalating it, knowing Russia will only complain – not respond the only way hegemons understand.

Where has anti-war activism in America gone. Little or nothing exists to contest the madness, not even on college campuses, years of Vietnam protests distant echoes, failing to arouse similar passion today when they’re badly needed.

Volunteers replaced compulsory military service. War was privatized to include private military contractors, Blackwater and other mercenary hired guns used in US combat theaters.

The national security state is menacingly powerful, the global war on terror a colossal hoax. 

False flags and fear-mongering are used to justify endless unjustifiable wars of aggression. At the same time, civil liberties are being lost in the name of greater security.

Truth-tellers are considered enemies of the state. Media scoundrels repeat the official narrative, functioning as press agents for power.

Where does it end? Nothing good can come from what’s ongoing. What should terrify everyone passes beneath the public radar practically unnoticed.

Will it take nuclear war to awaken people to growing danger too serious to ignore?

Is it coming because no anti-war activism is challenging the imperial state? Nor is Russia except rhetorically!

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