Pompeo’s First Address as US Warrior Sect. of State

Pompeo’s First Address as US Warrior Sect. of State

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

He’s diplomatically unqualified for the job, the newest member of Trump’s war cabinet – formed to continue raping, destroying, and pillaging sovereign independent countries, new ones on Washington’s target list, Iran perhaps next in line.

Pompeo’s first foreign trip began by meeting with his NATO counterparts in Brussels – followed by stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan, discussing Washington’s permanent war agenda with allied rogue states, plotting their next moves.

Arab American Institute president James Zogby blasted Pompeo, saying he’s “associat(ed) with horrific Islamophobes, and he himself has repeatedly made remarks that indicate that he has an antipathy towards Islam,” adding:

With him at State and Bolton as national security advisor, “(i)t’s a very precarious situation we’re heading into.”

Addressing his counterparts in Brussels on Friday, Pompeo called on NATO members to increase military spending at a time their only enemies are invented ones – turning truth on its head claiming “threats emanat(e) from neighboring regions,” adding:

“Russia threatens allies and partners both militarily, as seen through its invasions of Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014, and through an aggressive campaign to undermine western democratic institutions. In light of Russia’s unacceptable actions, NATO is more indispensable than ever.” 

“As NATO allies agree, the use of military-grade nerve agent developed by Russia on UK territory was a reckless action that put the lives of innocent civilians at risk.”

Fact: Russia didn’t “invad(e)” Georgia or Ukraine. After its nationals were attacked for days by Georgian troops, supported by Washington, Russian forces entered the country to protect them.

Fact: No “little green (Russian) men” operate in Ukraine. No “Russian aggression” occurred earlier or now, no Kremlin attempt to undermine Western institutions. Democratic ones the way they should be don’t exist.

Fact: US-dominated NATO is a killing machine, the greatest threat to world peace and stability.

Fact: Blaming Russia for poisoning the Skripals in Britain with a novichok nerve agent was a bald-faced lie.

Fact: Among major powers, Russia is the dominant force for world peace – US-led NATO its greatest threat.

Pompeo: “The United States has made abundantly clear that NATO should not return to business as usual with Russia until Moscow shows a clear change in its actions and complies with international law.”

“President Trump has also made clear that fighting terrorism must be a major focus of NATO. The alliance should work with our partners in North Africa and the Middle East to address conditions and activities that enable terrorism, such as traffic of weapons, irregular migration, and regional instability.”

Fact: Russia scrupulously observes international law in dealings with other nations. America and rogue allies flagrantly breach it.

Fact: Pompeo is an unindicted war criminal – based on his congressional voting record and lawless agenda as CIA director.

Fact: Russia combats terrorism forthrightly. Washington and its rogue allies support the scourge they claim to oppose.

Pompeo: “Our objective (on the Korean peninsula) remains unchanged. We’re committed to permanent, verifiable, irreversible dismantling of North Koreans’ weapons of mass destruction programs without delay. Until then, the global maximum pressure campaign will continue.”

Fact: Pyongyang will likely only agree to suspend its nuclear program, not abolish it altogether, leaving itself vulnerable to possible US aggression – knowing Washington can’t be trusted.

Pompeo is a neocon hawkish warrior. He’s no diplomat or peacemaker. 

Expect nothing positive from him as secretary of state – greater trouble likely ahead instead of stepping back from the brink.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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