Trump a Nobel Peace Laureate Candidate?

Trump a Nobel Peace Laureate Candidate?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Sound absurd? Nobel hypocrisy is longstanding. Time and again, warriors win the peace prize, peacemakers nearly always shunned. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Since established in 1901, warrior honorees included Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, George Marshall, Henry Kissinger, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Obama, among others.

Almost anyone can be nominated for the award. Past nominees included Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, GW Bush and Tony Blair, among other contemptible figures.

Nominated four times, Mahatma Gandhi never won an award he deserved. Nor did heroic anti-war activist Kathy Kelly, a three-time nominee passed over.

Putin was never awarded the peace prize, nor Sergey Lavrov, despite their longstanding efforts for conflict resolution in Syria. 

Among world leaders and their chief diplomats, no figures are more deserving. Russophobic hate-mongering denies them recognition for seeking peace, despite long odds against it.

The global BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality was nominated and passed over, despite heroic efforts to hold Israel accountable for high crimes against Palestinians and neighboring countries.

In contrast, Nobel peace laureate Obama terror-bombed seven countries during his tenure, remaining unaccountable for crimes of war and against humanity.

Awarding the prize to Trump would mock it more than already. So far as president, he’s waging naked aggression against multiple countries, others on his target list.

Warriors were appointed to key administration positions to continue Washington’s permanent war agenda, all sovereign independent countries on its target list for elimination.

According to Russian upper house Federation Council International Relations Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev, nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize would be a fabricated effort to honor him for anything positive achieved on the Korean peninsula he’s had nothing to do with.

“If the US has ever played any exceptional role, it was their role in provoking tensions on the Korean peninsula and constant provocations aimed against DPRK,” he stressed.

Trump is a warrior disdainful of peace and stability. His disturbing record speaks for itself.

If hostilities are avoided on the Korean peninsula, including a formal end to the 1950s war, full credit goes to DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in.

Days earlier, they concluded a successful peace summit, the first ever on the peninsula.

The hard part comes next. North Korea is closing its nuclear testing site. It’s likely willing to suspend its nuclear program, not abandon it as long as feared US aggression threatens its security – very much the case despite more conciliatory comments from Trump.

Time and again, Washington pledged one thing and went an entirely different way. Examples are endless from the beginning of the republic to today.

Regimes in Washington can never be trusted, undemocratic Dems as lawless, dishonorable and untrustworthy as Republicans.

Iraq under Saddam and Libya under Gaddafi abandoned their WMDs. US-led naked aggression followed. The lesson of their demise, along with destruction of their countries is well understood in Pyongyang.

Its leadership appears willing to compromise for peace, ending unacceptable sanctions, respecting DPRK sovereignty, and normalizing relations with the West.

It’s unlikely to leave the nation vulnerable to future US aggression, knowing longstanding US hostility toward the country and all other sovereign independent ones.

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