US Disenchantment with White Helmets?

US Disenchantment with White Helmets?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets are Western financed. They have nothing to do with “civil defense,” everything to do with supporting regime change in sovereign independent Syria and wherever else they’re deployed.

They were involved in staging the April 7 Douma, Syria CW false flag. Eyewitnesses, area medical personnel and Russian forensic experts exposed the ruse.

No CW attack occurred, no one hospitalized or otherwise ill from chemical toxins, no one dead, no toxic residues found in soil samples. The fake incident was staged to falsely blame Syria for what didn’t happen.

White Helmets were up to their ears in faking the whole thing, discussed in earlier articles.

Based on nothing but unproved allegations, exposed as Big Lies after the fact, Washington, Britain and France terror-bombed Syrian sites – planned in advance, targets selected before the false flag occurred.

According to CBS News on Friday, Washington had been providing White Helmets with about one-third of its funding.

Now it’s “under active review,” according to the State Department, funding suspended perhaps ahead of ending it altogether.

According to a White Helmets official, “(t)his is a very worrisome development. (It’ll) negatively impact” the group’s work – supporting ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists, the official and CBS News failed to report.

“An internal State Department document said that its Near East Bureau needed confirmation from the administration to green light funding for the White Helmets in Syria by April 15th or the department would initiate ‘shut-down procedures on a rolling basis,’ “ CBS reported.

No funding was approved for weeks, the Trump administration perhaps disenchanted with the group over exposure of the Douma incident as fake – staged by the White Helmets, in cahoots with Washington, perhaps Britain, France and/or Israel involved.

White Helmets are jihadists, not civil defense workers, captured on credible video footage, showing them actively aiding anti-government terrorists – serving them and themselves, not Syrians in harm’s way.

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters blasted the group, calling it a “fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists” – along with its backers in Washington and elsewhere.

Russia’s envoy to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin blasted the group, saying independently produced Douma video footage “featured the fake pseudo-humanitarian action staged by the White Helmets and that provided grounds for the US/UK/French missile strikes at Syria on April 14,” adding:

Eyewitness testimonies, “including physicians who were right at the scene on (the) day (of the incident) recount(ed) the true story of the” false flag.

In light of the Douma Big Lie exposed to the light of day, maybe Washington now considers the White Helmets damaged goods, cutting off funding, at least for now.

False flags are a longstanding US tradition. Expect more ahead in Syria and elsewhere – with or without White Helmets involvement.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the White Helmets funding freeze, saying: 

“Fantastic news came today. The US Department of State has frozen funding for the White Helmets…What’s wrong? Didn’t they like the last film?” 

“Maybe, there are some other reasons. (W)e would like to know exactly how much money the White Helmets had received from” Washington, Britain, France, and perhaps other countries.

It would provide more insight into “how this mechanism for producing false information operates.”

“(W)e do not know what the reason behind the funding freeze is, and whether the decision is final or if it’s funding would be resumed.”

“This is a matter worth looking into, particularly by journalists, and I believe it is crucial.”

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