Trump an Embarrassment as President, a Threat to World Peace

Trump an Embarrassment as President, a Threat to World Peace

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It was foolhardy to expect positive change under his leadership. Whoever heard of a billionaire good guy, amassing wealth the old-fashioned way.

So far in office, he exceeded the recklessness and indifference to lawful governance of his predecessors domestically and geopolitically.

He matched Star Trek, going beyond where earlier administrations went before, exceeding the ruthlessness and indifference to the general welfare of his predecessors.

Instead of draining the swamp, he filled it with neocon warmakers, crooked billionaires, Wall Street predators, corporate scoundrels, and others hostile to governance serving everyone equitably.

His making America great again scam is only for the privileged few, no others. He broke every lofty promise made, showing contempt for world peace, rule of law principles, democratic values and ordinary people everywhere. 

The myth of an anti-establishment candidate vanished straightaway after he took office.

As commander-in-chief of the nation’s military, he continued US wars of aggression he inherited, escalated them with likely new countries in mind to attack.

Instead of improving relations with Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign independent countries, they’re more dismal than ever.

At 2:00 PM Tuesday in Washington, he’s expected to announce US withdrawal from Iran nuclear, according to the NYT, citing unnamed European diplomats.

One said there’s a “very small” chance for America remaining in the JCPOA. It’s “pretty obvious” he’ll reimpose nuclear-related sanctions, an attempt to kill it.

Replacing Tillerson at State with Pompeo and McMaster as national security advisor with Bolton (two militant Iranophobes) signaled his imminent move – the latest black mark on his deplorable record.

Washington targets Venezuela for regime change because of its sovereign independent social democracy, anathema to US policymakers.

On Monday, Mike Pence announced new (illegal) US sanctions on three more Venezuelans – turning truth on its head calling them “narcotics kingpins.” 

Twenty companies associated with the targeted individuals in Venezuela and Panama were also sanctioned. Washington uses illegally imposed sanctions as weapons of economic war – against nations and individuals refusing to bow to its will.

Right-wing extremist Pence also called for postponing Venezuela’s May 20 presidential election, outrageously saying “(t)here will be no real election in Venezuela on May 20, and the world knows it,” adding: 

“It will be a fake election with a fake outcome. Suspend this sham election. Hold real elections. Give the people of Venezuela real choices – because the Venezuelan people deserve to live in democracy once again.”

Democracy in America is pure fantasy. Venezuelans have the real thing, the world’s most open, free and fair process, shaming US money-controlled elections – one party rule with two right wings, at war on humanity, including against its own citizens.

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement, saying Washington “launched erratic maneuvers, typical of the arrogance and despair of imperialist politics, after having failed once and again in the face of the will of a free and independent people.”

Last week during a pre-election rally, Maduro said “(s)o they’re not going to recognize” him as Venezuela’s legitimate president if reelected as expected, adding “(w)hat the hell do I care what Europe and Washington say?”

He’s running against Chavista turncoat Henri Falcon and businessman/evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci – linked to the Panama Papers tax haven  scandal by an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists probe into his affairs. 

The Trump administration vowed not to recognize election results if Maduro wins as expected – maybe planning another coup d’etat attempt to depose him with neocon extremists Bolton and Pompeo in charge of geopolitical policymaking.

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