The Art of Lying Without Really Trying

The Art of Lying Without Really Trying

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Western ambassadors must master the art as a qualification for the job, notably US ones – charged with lying for regimes in Washington they represent, along with serving US imperial interests.

Obama’s neocon ambassador to Russia McFaul served from February 2012 to February 2014. During his tenure, as a right-wing Freedom House board member, and at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution he’s been actively Russophobic.

Before leaving his post in Moscow, he turned truth on its head, saying it’s “discouraging to see hundreds of detentions of those trying to exercise their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and expression.”

Unlike in America and other Western countries, speech, academic and media freedoms are unobstructed in Russia, US-orchestrated rioters dealt with appropriately.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post featured a Russia bashing McFaul op-ed. He praised Dmitry Medvedev’s foolhardy reset attempt with Washington as Russia’s president – rewarded by Obama’s betrayal.

McFaul thanked him for betraying millions of Libyans by not vetoing Security Council Resolution 1973 – US-led naked aggression on the country following straightaway, transforming Africa’s most developed country into a charnel house, its people suffering under endless violence and chaos.

McFaul: “No Soviet or Russian leader had ever acquiesced to Western military intervention in a sovereign country.”

Rape and destruction of Libya followed Medvedev’s failure to act responsibly. 

McFaul: “Putin (reelected as president in 2012) had little enthusiasm for the reset – he didn’t believe in the win-win approach we’d developed with Medvedev.” 

“Massive demonstrations a few months later over a falsified parliamentary election intensified Putin’s sentiment, since he blamed us for sparking those protests.”

New millennium Russian presidential and parliamentary elections were open, free and fair, shaming America’s sham process.

To a fault, Putin seeks cooperative relations with Washington, betrayal following his outreach every time.

Anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia are orchestrated by Washington. The familiar pattern occurs in many other sovereign independent countries, aiming to topple their governments – at times succeeding, other times failing, never successful in Russia, China or Iran.

McFaul: “To rally his supporters and undermine the protesters, Putin would need an enemy, and he turned to the most reliable one in Russia’s recent history: the United States and then, by extension, me.” 

“As soon as I became the new proxy for Washington, Moscow launched a full-scale disinformation campaign alleging that, under my direction, the United States was funding the opposition and attempting to overthrow Putin.”

Along with lying for their governments, US ambassadors are heavily involved in fomenting violence and chaos in nations targeted for regime change – like Russia, McFaul guilty as charged.

McFaul: “Putin reversed the progress we’d made over three years almost overnight, because it was convenient for him to do so.”

So-called “progress” McFaul referred to were actions by Washington trying to destroy Russia’s sovereign independence.

Reset failed because Obama never intended it to succeed, McFaul involved in sabotaging it.

McFaul: “Rather than engage with his opponents…(Putin) chose to repress and discredit his credit his critics. He portrayed opposition leaders as traitorous agents of the United States. Putin always had been paranoid about American efforts to undermine his government.”

Washington planned regime change in Russia since its 1917 revolution, rare periods occurring when both countries engaged cooperatively.

Under Putin, US Russia bashing has been especially intense, augmented by media disinformation, fake news and Big Lies.

McFaul tried pretending no US involvement occurred in toppling sovereign independent governments in Serbia, Georgia, twice in Ukraine and elsewhere. Washington’s dirty hands were all over these color revolutions and others.

As US ambassador to Russia, in other public positions, and at Stanford, McFaul was and remains intensely Russophobic, serving US imperial interests at the expense of world peace and stability.

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