Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine and Iran

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine and Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained Syrian forces freed the Damascus countryside from (US-supported) terrorists, including the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp where tens of thousands were held captive by ISIS for years.

Conditions in and around Damascus are relatively stable – controlled by government forces. War continues raging in other parts of the country. 

Freeing Syria entirely from US-supported terrorists and America’s illegal presence remains a distant prospect at best – unattainable as long as Washington, Israel and their rogue allies pursue regime change.

MZ called Venezuela’s election democratic according to rule of law principles, the will of the people expressed through an open, free and fair process.

Economic conditions in the country remain dire. Statements and actions by America and other nations hostile to Bolivarian social democracy are “counterproductive and lead nowhere,” said MZ, adding:

“Washington’s decision to impose unilateral sanctions on Venezuela and its financial system are absolutely hypocritical” – gravely harming the rights and welfare of ordinary Venezuelans.

“Russia strongly opposes arbitrary and illegitimate restrictive measures, embargoes and sanctions against sovereign states in circumvention of the UN Charter,” MZ stressed – a US specialty against sovereign independent nations unwilling to bow to its will.

Putin said Russia will continue working cooperatively with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, fostering a strategic partnership between both countries.

US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker represents the Trump regime’s imperial interests in the country.

MZ: “(I)nstead of demanding that Kiev stop the conflict escalation and urging it to honor its commitments under the Minsk Agreements…Volker…made…odious statements” – flagrantly violating the letter and spirit of Minsk.

US-installed Nazi-infested putschists illegally run the country, waging war on their own people – encouraged and supported by the Obama and Trump regimes, supplying Kiev with heavy weapons used to kill and terrorize Donbass freedom fighters and civilians.

MZ: Kiev putschists “see…Volker’s support for (their regime) as permission to take opportunistic military action” – intermittent naked aggression by any standard.

MZ expressed concern about Mike Pompeo’s hostile ultimatums and threats, directed at Iran.

The Trump regime “not only withdrew from the Iran deal in violation of international norms, but has also advanced patently unacceptable conditions to Tehran,” MZ stressed,” adding:

“We have not supported and will never support the policy of unilateral sanctions, which we view as illegitimate. We are resolved to promote our multifaceted cooperation with Iran.”

Washington is waging naked aggression in multiple theaters. Is full-scale war on Syria coming – followed by something similar to topple Iran’s government?

Pompeo threatened toughest ever US sanctions on the Islamic Republic if its government refuses to obey US demands – unacceptable outrageous ones Tehran justifiably rejects.

A previous article asked will hot US war on the Islamic Republic follow propaganda and sanctions war? 

Bipartisan neocon lunatics infesting Washington make the unthinkable possible.

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