Netanyahu Threatens Escalated Aggression on Gaza

Netanyahu Threatens Escalated Aggression on Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israeli forces attack Gaza by land, sea and air at their discretion, killing and injuring defenseless Palestinians, including thousands of casualties during peaceful Great March of Return demonstrations for the past two months.

The international community has done nothing to hold Israel accountable for high crimes too egregious to ignore. They continue daily throughout the Territories.

On Monday, around two dozen mortar rounds were reportedly fired from Gaza on Israel, perhaps in response to three Hamas members killed last week by IDF shelling, no Monday casualties or damage reported.

On Saturday, Israeli soldiers killed two more Palestinians, another killed on Monday – much more of the same likely coming.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu vowed to use “great force” on Gaza, ignoring his own high crimes, saying Israel views the attacks on its territory by Hamas and Islamic Jihad “with great severity,” adding:

“The IDF will retaliate with great force to these attacks. Israel will make anyone trying to harm it pay a heavy price, and we view Hamas as responsible for preventing such attacks against us.”

He, Israeli war minister Lieberman, other security officials, and IDF chief of staff general Eisenkot held a “special situational assessment.”

Knesset hardliners called for harsh action on the Strip – two million besieged Gazans held hostage under brutalizing blockade conditions, the world community doing nothing to end their suffering at the hands of a ruthless occupier.

Islamic Jihad issued a statement, calling the mortar attack “a blessed response of the resistance,” adding, “our people’s blood is not cheap.”

Israeli warplanes reportedly terror-bombed Gaza on Tuesday – mortar rounds from the Strip causing no harm used as a convenient pretext.

No further information is known so far, no comment from Israel on the attack. It’s unclear if further terror-bombing is coming.

Israel attacks Gaza with disturbing regularity, farmers shot in their fields, fishermen attacked at sea, Palestinian children gunned down for target practice.

Whether something more serious is coming in response to rockets fired on Israel remains to be seen – if not now, surely ahead for any pretext or none at all.

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