Russia OK’s Letting Israel Strike Iranians in Syria?

Russia OK’s Letting Israel Strike Iranians in Syria?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Israeli media, Russia agreed to let IDF warplanes strike targets in Syria where Iranian military advisors are located – provided areas where government forces are based aren’t attacked.

The Saudi-controlled Asharq al-Awsat broadsheet reported much the same thing, an unnamed source saying Moscow is mum about the arrangement, wanting balanced diplomatic relations with Iran and Israel maintained, adding:

“Russia is…embarrassed because…talks with (Israel) mainly focused on a plan to remove Iran and its forces from southern Syria.”

If the above information is accurate, the alleged Kremlin/Netanyahu regime agreement came from Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman’s Thursday meeting with his Russian counterpart, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

Putin and Netanyahu discussed the same thing in Moscow and by phone conversations. Reportedly they agreed on the withdrawal of all foreign forces from southern Syria near Israeli illegally occupied Golan.

The Kremlin said Putin and Netanyahu discussed “some aspects of the Syrian settlement” – with no further elaboration.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said he has no information on the above discussed deal. 

Was no agreement reached so far? Is he out of the loop and doesn’t know? Or is he unwilling to discuss what Kremlin and Israeli officials may have agreed on – or are still discussing?

Russian media reported a Kremlin proposal to have Russian military police replace foreign forces in southern Syria – US/Israeli-supported terrorists required to surrender their heavy weapons.

Lieberman said talks with Russia continue. Netanyahu wants Iranian and Hezbollah military elements entirely removed from Syria, a demand Tehran rejects.

Interviewed days earlier by RT, Bashar al-Assad spoke candidly as he always does in interviews and other public remarks – polar opposite how duplicitous Western and Israeli politicians operate.

He’s hopeful that Washington will eventually be forced out of Syria, stressing:

“This is our land. It’s our right. It’s our duty to liberate (terrorist-controlled areas. The) Americans should leave. Somehow, they’re going to leave,” he said. They occupy Syrian territory illegally.

Moscow helped Damascus strengthen its air defenses. “(W)e are in a better situation than” when war began, Assad explained – without elaborating on what upgraded systems Russia provided.

There’s nothing civil about war in Syria, he stressed, explaining the false claim “does not correctly characterize the conflict,” adding:

“(F)rom the very beginning, mercenaries, Syrians and foreigners (were) paid by the West…to topple the government. This is…reality. Everything else is…a mask to cover the real intentions.”

He explained Iranian military advisors alone are in Syria by invitation, no combat troops, their presence posing no threat to Israel or any other countries.

Assad is very grateful for Russian help, changing the dynamic on the ground – short of ending conflict Washington, Israel, and their allies want continued endlessly.

Regime change remains their objective. Why isn’t Russia challenging this agenda more forcefully? 

Why is it cutting deals with Washington and Israel – two profoundly untrustworthy nations, deploring peace, waging endless wars of aggression?

Why is it passive in dealing with their imperial agenda, not condemning it?

Pursuing diplomacy with hegemons doesn’t work, their promises made to be breached.

Russia’s efforts for world peace and stability can’t succeed without forcefully challenging America’s rage for dominance. The same goes for Israel regionally.

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