Security Council Slaps Down US Resolution on Gaza

Security Council Slaps Down US Resolution on Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It was a glorious moment to remember, hegemonic America diplomatically slapped in the face.

Washington was humiliated on the world stage. Its draft Security Council resolution blaming Hamas for Israeli aggression got no support, none – other than from itself, despite heavy pressure exerted.

Even the Trump regime’s staunch allies rejected its resolution either by voting against it or abstaining – the appalling language too offensive to accept, US arrogance too outrageous to tolerate.

The draft resolution ignored Israeli aggression, its mass slaughter of peaceful Palestinian demonstrators – gunning them down in cold blood, injuring thousands, maiming hundreds for life, holding two million Gazans hostage to its viciousness under concentration camp conditions the world community has done nothing to challenge with firm action.

Israel remains unaccountable for the highest of high crimes – a Ziofascist gangster state run by Islamophobic lunatics, excessive force against defenseless Palestinians repeated daily throughout the territories, systematic state terror against a population for not being Jewish, crimes of war and against humanity ruled OK by the regime’s High Court.

Geopolitical pyromaniac Nikki Haley belongs in prison, not high office. In defending the indefensible, she recited her usual litany of Big Lies at the Security Council.

Wrongfully calling Hamas a “terrorist group,” she ignored longstanding Israeli state terror against Palestinians threatening no one.

She lied claiming Hamas “diverted humanitarian assistance into military infrastructure, building rockets instead of schools, producing terror tunnels instead of hospitals.”

She lied accusing Hamas of “incit(ing) violent acts at the boundary fence…”

She lied claiming Hamas “infiltrate(ed) its (nonexistent) terrorist fighters among civilians…”

She lied saying Hamas “deliberately us(ed) innocent people as human shields.”

She lied claiming Hamas “openly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel.”

She lied saying it “refuses to cooperate with the (Israeli-installed and controlled) PA.

She lied claiming the Trump regime pursues Israeli/Palestinian peace, a notion Washington and Tel Aviv abhor, reject, and won’t tolerate.

She lied saying the Kuwait draft resolution she shamefully vetoed blamed Israel for rockets fired from Gaza – only in response to days of IDF terror-bombing and mass slaughter by snipers, a symbolic act of justifiable self-defense harming no one.

She lied claiming “the majority of those killed by Israeli defense forces in recent weeks were members of the Hamas terrorist group, not peaceful civilians.”

She ignored preemptive Israeli aggression against peaceful demonstrators, suffering under suffocating blockade, massacring over 120 Gazans since March 30, injuring over 13,400 others, many seriously.

She said nothing about soldiers willfully targeting medical workers, ambulances, journalists doing their jobs, and entire families – Gazans demonstrating voluntarily, directed by no one, wanting suffocating blockade ended, their legal right.

Haley is a Ziofascist extremist, one-sidedly supporting the highest of Israeli high crimes – blaming victims in harm’s way for its ruthlessness.

Firm US support lets Israel get away with mass murder and much more – Palestinians throughout the Territories held hostage to its viciousness.

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