Gaza’s Killing Fields

Gaza’s Killing Fields

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since March 30, Israel waged undeclared terror-war on peaceful Great March of Return Gazan demonstrators – trapped in the world’s largest open-air prison, enduring a humanitarian crisis under concentration camp conditions.

The world community has done nothing to confront Israeli mass murder and much more – complicit in its high crimes of war and against humanity for failing to hold the Netanyahu regime accountable.

During Friday demonstrations, at least three Gazans were killed, over 525 wounded, seven or more in critical condition.

Journalists and medics were wounded. Healthcare in Gaza is near collapse. The Strip’s Health Ministry’s pharmacy department said half of needed drugs and nearly a third of medical supplies ran out.

Israeli drones firebombed encampment tents set up by protesters. Friday’s demonstration commemorated al-Quds Day, the 51st anniversary of Naksa – “day of the setback,” signifying displacement following Israel’s June 1967 Six-Day preemptive war of aggression, taking the remaining 22% of historic Palestine not seized in 1948.

Since March 30, around 125 Gazans were killed in cold blood, nearly 14,000 injured, many from live fire, hundreds in serious condition, the death toll sure to rise.

Last Friday, Israeli snipers murdered 21-year-old voluntary Palestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar in cold blood.

Threatening no one, she was shot behind in the neck and back, an exploding dum dum bullet destroying her heart, killing her instantly.

Clearly identified as a first-responder medic in the field by her white attire, she was treating wounded Gazans well inside Israel’s repressive border fence when lethally shot – a willful act of cold-blooded murder.

Throughout weeks of protests, Israel willfully targeted scores of Palestinian medics and journalists, part of its reign of terror on defenseless Gazans.

After first saying Najjar’s killing was accidental, a bald-faced lie, Israel further turned truth on its head, disgracefully claiming she was a Hamas human shield.

She was a volunteer media, an angel of mercy, in harm’s way aiding the wounded, her life lost helping others.

In a video clip, Najjar said “I act as a human shield as a rescuer for the injured on the front lines.”

Twisting her remark for propaganda purposes, Israel claimed she said “I am here on the front lines and I act as a human shield” – distorting her words, falsely portraying her as a terrorist.

Palestinians honored her as an “angel” and “merciful martyr” – her life lost trying to save others, one of countless human tragedies at the hands of a ruthless occupier.

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