Militant US/UK Hostility Toward Russia

Militant US/UK Hostility Toward Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s all about Russian sovereign independence, not for any threat its government poses.

Washington wants all nations subservient to its interests, independent ones like Russia, China, Iran and others targeted for regime change.

Bilateral US/Russia relations are dismal, exceeding the worst of Cold War years, an unacceptably dangerous situation, showing no signs of changing.

Surrounding Russia with US military bases, inventing a nonexistent Russian threat, falsely accusing its government of “aggression” and interference in America’s 2016 presidential election, imposing illegal sanctions, seizing its properties, expelling its diplomats, harming RT and Sputnik, along with conducting provocative military exercises near its borders risk direct confrontation.

Thousands of US-led NATO forces are provocatively conducting three major war games near Russia’s border – named Saber Strike maneuvers called “rapid response infiltration,” Swift Response drills simulating combat in Europe, and BALTOPs naval exercises. 

Nearly two dozen NATO and partnered nations are involve – rehearsing war on Russia, not engaging in self-defense drills.

Moscow is closely monitoring ongoing exercises, provocatively hostile to its security, concerned about an unacceptable US-led military buildup along its border.

Simulating war risks launching it ahead by accident or design, the ominous threat of nuclear war. What’s unthinkable is possible given US rage for global dominance, wanting all sovereign independent governments toppled.

Britain’s Daily Mail and Sputnik News reported that UK Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking G7 support for establishing a multinational rapid reaction force, falsely claiming it’s to counter “Russian aggression,” Foreign Minister Boris Johnson saying:

In response to the US/UK-staged Skripal incident Moscow had nothing to do with, May “will be putting forward a British plan that will have global support to set up a rapid response unit to identify Russian malfeasance…whether it’s cyber warfare, assassinations, calling it out and identifying it,” adding:

Britain must be more “energetic” in dealing with a Russian threat. None exists. Russia’s global importance is increasing. It’s not “greatly” diminished, as Johnson falsely said.

He lied calling Putin “a revanchist…want(ing) to cause trouble.” Just the opposite is true.

Western sentiment toward Russia is mixed. Washington and Britain remain militantly hostile. Italy wants sanctions ended and relations normalized.

Other European leaders are softening criticism of Russia, sentiment miles from turning positive overall but perhaps heading in the right direction.

Moscow is painfully patient, a strategy I’ve criticized. US hostility toward Russia is longterm, no signs of it ending.

Appeasement shows weakness, not strength. It doesn’t work in dealings with hegemons.

The softer Putin is on US-led aggression, the longer it’s likely to continue uncontested.

Washington considers Russia its sworn enemy. Britain acts the same way – why I believe Putin should show strength in dealing with these countries. They’re imperial adversaries, not “partners,” as he and Sergey Lavrov claim.

Strength is perhaps the best way to avoid unthinkable East/West belligerent confrontation – the risk of possible nuclear war.

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