Announcement of Trump’s Deal of the Century Imminent?

Announcement of Trump’s Deal of the Century Imminent?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

AP News and other media reports suggested his (no-peace) Israeli/Palestinian peace plan would be announced in mid-to-late June, citing administration and congressional sources – despite unacceptably moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and slashing millions of dollars in Palestinian aid.

US ambassador to Israel David Friedman said the plan will be announced “within months,” not weeks, no exact date set.

“It’s not finalized…an awful lot of listening going on. It’s not just the substance but also the timing and the presentation,” said Friedman.

Trump’s “deal of the century” is a colossal hoax, a new version of an old scam, serving Israeli interests exclusively, dismissing Palestinians rights, paying lip service alone to equitable treatment – never before, for sure not under Trump.

I’ve written several times on leaked provisions of Trump’s plan, virtually nothing in it positive for Palestinians except empty promises – how Washington and Israel always operate, supporting peace and Palestinian statehood rhetorically alone, opposing what they’ll never tolerate, not admitting it publicly.

Trump’s deal of the century is like others preceding it under different names, provisions varying, end game the same – Israel unrestrained to continue stealing all Palestinian land it wishes, continuing control their resources and borders, Gaza’s illegal blockade remaining in force.

According to Alternative Information Centre in Jerusalem’s Michel Warschawski, “Netanyahu has simply got on with deepening his hold on the West Bank and East Jerusalem…know(ing) the Americans aren’t going to stand in his way,” adding:

“He will be given free rein to do what he likes, whether they publish the plan or, in the end, it never sees the light of day.”

Former Israeli foreign ministry official Eran Etzion said Netanyahu “has a much freer hand than (he) did in the past. (He’s) confident enough to continue…existing policies, knowing Trump won’t stand in the way.”

Netanyahu is fully informed about Trump’s plan, including changes made along the way, accepting his demands – Palestinians excluded from the decision-making process.

They’ll be blamed when things collapses like earlier. Abbas earlier explained he won’t accept Trump’s one-sided proposal.

The problem with all peace plans over past decades is they come down to Israeli demands exclusively, backed by Washington, never an honest broker. 

Palestinians are powerless to achieve fundamental rights all societies deserve, especially with Abbas-led puppet governance serving as Israel’s enforcer, never for fundamental Palestinian rights and welfare.

Reportedly, Netanyahu earlier said “(o)ur successes are still to come. Our policies are not based on weakness. They are not based on concessions that will endanger us.” 

They’re not based on concessions to Palestinians mattering most – no meaningful self-determination; no end to occupation harshness; no halt to unrestrained Israeli land theft; no Palestinian control over their resources, borders, airspace, and offshore waters; no East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital; no allowing diaspora Palestinians to return – no peace in our time after decades of ruthless Israeli oppression.

The so-called peace process was always duplicitous, a notion Washington and Israel reject, dominance their goal – the way imperialism always works.

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