Imperial Tool Amnesty International at it Again

Imperial Tool Amnesty International at it Again

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

NGOs depend on deep-pocketed funding sources they’re beholden to. Management officials most often skim off large amounts of donations for their own self-enrichment.

They’re profiteers pretending otherwise. When involved, most often social movements decline, why they’re brought in.

Nearly all have entrenched bureaucracies, highly paid officials, secret operational rules, along with undisclosed financing sources and amounts, mostly from domestic or foreign nations, serving their interests, including for PR, intelligence, or population control, not for providing humanitarian services.

While claiming non-profit status, they operate unethically, collude with governments or business interests, profit handsomely, own unrelated businesses, and exploit people they claim to serve. 

In many countries, they’re the preferred choice for Western aid and emergency relief, providing cover for imperial interests, cashing in handsomely, especially after disasters like wars and their aftermath, floods, famines or earthquakes.

Amnesty International is no exception, fronting for imperial power, concerned more about serving its funding sources and publicity than human rights.

Its late May report on likely US-orchestrated violence in Nicaragua falsely blamed President Daniel Ortega’s government for violence staged to topple it.

Claiming his government’s strategy against protesters is “shoot to kill” is a disgraceful Big Lie.

AI’s America’s director Erika Guevara-Rosas sounded like a Trump regime press agent, saying:

“The Nicaraguan authorities have turned on their own people in a vicious, sustained and frequently lethal assault on their rights to life, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.” 

“The government of President Ortega has then shamelessly tried to cover up these atrocities, violating the victims’ rights to truth, justice and reparation.”

“The state must immediately stop repressing the people who protest, particularly young students, and respect their right to criticize public policies.” 

“Instead of criminalizing them, the government of President Ortega must allow an international commission to be established to carry out a prompt, impartial and effective investigation, and, where appropriate, bring charges against all those suspected of committing or ordering extrajudicial executions or the excessive use of force and other serious human rights violations and crimes under international law.”

Guevara-Rosas turned truth on its head. Her accusations are bald-faced lies, shaming AI more than already.

Ortega had nothing to do with staged violence, ongoing since mid-April, instigated by dark forces, likely orchestrated in Washington, continuing despite an agreement, calling for an end to violence and establishment of an international truth and security commission.

AI lied claiming Nicaraguan police have used “lethal weapons (causing) large numbers of people injured by firearms, (citing) the trajectory of shots fired, the concentration of bullet wounds in the head, neck and chest of those killed, and attempts to obstruct justice and cover up the nature of the killings.” 

“These patterns have led the organization to conclude that there is evidence that police and pro-government armed groups committed multiple extrajudicial executions.”

All of the above sounds like a Trump regime press release, AI serving as its imperial agent, fronting for power, what it’s often done before, blaming victims of US-orchestrated crimes against them – its credibility long ago lost.

Nicaragua is under siege, Ortega’s government targeted for regime change, dark forces in Washington surely behind what’s going on.

AI’s report supports what demands condemnation.

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