No Disguised Iranian and Hezbollah Forces in Syrian Uniforms

No Disguised Iranian and Hezbollah Forces in Syrian Uniforms

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Haaretz and other Israeli media published fake news reports, shaming themselves – falsely claiming hundreds of Iranian and Hezbollah forces disguised themselves in Syrian uniforms, operating near Israeli illegally occupied Golan.

Iran has military advisors alone in the country, operating from Syrian bases. Hezbollah fighters have been aiding their Syrian allies combat US-supported terrorists for years.

Why are they now falsely accused of wearing Syrian uniforms when never before? Why would they do what never was done before – for what purpose?

In early June, the Wall Street Journal reported fake news about Iranian and Hezbollah forces wearing Syrian uniforms in the country’s southwest.

Sources cited by the Journal and Israeli media were US-supported terrorists, elements eager to report rubbish, falsely claiming Iranian and Hezbollah forces disguised themselves in Syrian uniforms to avoid Israeli airstrikes.

A terrorist commander lied, claiming Iranian and Hezbollah elements pulled back from southwestern Syria (where they never were in the first place, other than small numbers of Iranian military advisors), adding:

“They are leaving in their Hezbollah uniforms (from where they never were deployed), and…are returning in (Syrian) Arab Army vehicles…dressed in regular (Syrian) army uniforms,” adding:

Many foreign fighters were given ID cards of dead Syrian fighters. All of the above are bald-faced lies. The above one makes no sense whatever. If elements from anywhere want their identities concealed, fake IDs and/or other documents could easily accommodate them.

Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman exposed the Big Lie on Israel’s 103 FM, saying no foreign forces operate in southwestern Syria disguised as Syrian soldiers to avoid Israeli airstrikes or for any other reasons.

Small numbers of Iranian military advisors are there, he claimed – perhaps so, but most of their numbers operate from Syrian bases. They have none of their own as falsely reported.

Separately, the IDF quoted Lieberman saying “Israel’s demand on the Syrian issue is very clear, and involves the complete removal of Hezbollah and Iran from Syrian territory…These are not just broad generalizations. Israel actively demonstrates and promotes its position.”

Iran and Hezbollah made their positions perfectly clear. They operate in Syria by invitation of its government.

So does Russia, polar opposite how Washington, Israel, their rogue allies and Turkey operate – illegal invaders, at war on Syria for regime change, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad correctly explained.

Washington and Israel are concerned about the upcoming Syrian army offensive in the country’s southwest, aiming to free the area from US/Israeli-supported terrorists.

Government forces are mobilizing for a liberating assault to begin when preparations are concluded – unless terrorists voluntarily leave the area, abandoning their heavy weapons, what they refused to do so far.

According to AMN News, Syrian forces are “reportedly in position to launch the offensive in Al-Quneitra; however, they are awaiting the green light from their high command and their Russian advisors.”

“A reconciliation team attempted to convince the rebels in Al-Quneitra to end the hostilities and reconcile with the government; however, this ultimately failed after several days of talks with the opposition groups.”

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